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Focusing On Your Happy Baby

Focusing On Your Happy Baby. Your greatest desire is for your baby to be happy and healthy, so you do everything that is needed for your little one.

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Take a moment to relax and make sure you will not be disturbed….

Gently allow your eyes to close as you listen to this meditation about your Happy Baby.

As you close your eyes a wave of relaxation sweeps over you.

You notice your breathing… it flows naturally in and out.

Bring your awareness to your chest and how it rises and falls with your breath.
Now just let your mind float and drift to the thought of your sweet and happy baby.

Your baby is happy and healthy.

Each day, you do things for your baby that are full of love and honesty.

Your greatest desire is for your baby to be happy and healthy, so you do everything that is needed for your little one.

Your baby is grateful for this, and the way they show you this gratitude is that they grow strong and healthy every day.

They smile often and look deeply into your eyes.

Babies are the happiest when they are allowed to grow and develop naturally and are mothered instinctively.

So, relax a little more now by taking 3 slow and deep breaths, filling your body with oxygen.

Imagine now that you are seeing life through your baby’s eyes.

Visualize how life looks through their perspective.

Gaze around and see what you see, and notice all the details.

Notice how the colors are bright and new for your baby.

Notice how from their perspective, everything seems so big around them.

Now imagine you are seeing yourself through the eyes of your child.

Feel the love that they have for you grow inside of you.

They love you more than anything in this world.

You are their source of comfort, and their nutrition.

See through their perspective how important you are to them.

As you gaze at yourself through your baby’s eyes, you can feel how happy they are, for everything you do for them.

Focusing on Your Happy Baby

Immerse yourself in this visualization for a few moments, and be present with the wonderful feelings that occur for your child because you are their mother.
(pause for 10-15 seconds)

Now hear yourself saying:

“My motherly instincts allow for my baby to be happy and healthy.

I tend to all my child’s needs with love and respect.

I am fully present with my baby because this is very important in their development.

When my baby is happy, I am happy too.

I choose natural things for my baby, making for optimal health and wellness.

My baby is strong and wise because I do not interfere with the growth of my baby.

When we embrace each other, we are comforted, and our bond grows stronger.


And just experience for a moment how you feel right now.
(Pause for 10-15 seconds)

You are a wise mother, and raising a happy baby is your destiny.

Raising your child comes to you effortlessly and naturally.

Being with your baby every day and tending to their needs is the most special gift you could ever be given.

You go about each day with compassion and love towards your child and yourself.


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