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200 Guided Meditation Scripts

, INTENTION: 50 Free Meditation Scripts

These 200 Guided Meditation Scripts can improve your mindfulness practice, help you lead others in meditation with more confidence and skill, and grow your business or practice by increasing your credibility, allowing you to quickly add new products and services, and helping you convert more leads into clients.

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“The scripts helped me to save time.”

“The scripts helped me to save time, and I love that they cover many topics, because I can choose what is relevant to things happening during the week (especially since we are all having these unique, shared global experiences at this time) and provide timely scripts for my students.”

— Veronica Lebednik

“Your meditations have helped me convert more people on my email list into clients.”

“Your meditations have helped me convert more people on my email list into clients. And as a result of using your scripts, my clients are managing stress better and are more relaxed.”

— Tony Longobardi, Board Certified Hypnotist

“Your scripts have definitely helped my business and made it so much easier.”

“Your scripts have definitely helped my business and made it so much easier. I used to have to spent a lot of time searching for different scripts to use and now I literally have hundreds at my finger tips. It's been a huge help to me.”

— Dr. K.J. Foster

“I had one student with no meditation experience... and now she’s meditating every single day! Your guided meditation scripts helped me do that.”

“I had one student that had absolutely no meditation experience, and at the end of the session, she expressed her gratitude, felt really calm, and enjoyed it, and is now actually meditating every single day... so I’m really excited that your guided meditation scripts helped me to do that.”

— Dr. Lisa Nezneski

“I used these scripts to make videos for my members and I've had incredible positive feedback from them.”

“I used these scripts to make videos for my members and I've had incredible positive feedback from them. They say it has helped them a lot, and was exactly what they needed to hear in that moment.”

— Laurie Gouley

“Your guided meditation scripts have helped stimulate a freshness to my facilitation and have been the subject of positive feedback from participants in my weekly sessions.”

“Sometimes after leading meditations for a long time, a dullness can creep in. Your guided meditation scripts have helped stimulate a freshness to my facilitation and have been the subject of positive feedback from participants in my weekly sessions.”

— Ed Tyrie

“The scripts have increased my confidence to lead meditations, and to have a variety of options.”

“Since the pandemic I lead weekly meditations for my job and my community. The scripts have increased my confidence to lead meditations and to have a variety of options. This helps me avoid using the same scripts from week to week.”

— Kenya Casey

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, INTENTION: 50 Free Meditation Scripts

Who are these 200 Guided Meditation Scripts for?

Do you wish you had more confidence leading meditations for others?

          These are perfect for you!

Do you feel confident leading meditations, but wish you just had more ideas and options for different meditations you could do?

          These are perfect for you!

Do you wish you could quickly and easily produce a large amount of valuable content that you could share with your members, followers, or clients?

          These are perfect for you!

Do you wish you could add more variety to your meditation sessions? Would you like to be able to do a different meditation almost every time you lead your clients or members in a session?

          These are perfect for you!

Do you want more ideas for how to create your own meditations?

          These are perfect for you!

Are you a therapist, counselor, teacher, coach, or anyone else who leads others in meditation?

          These are perfect for you!

Are you just getting started leading others in meditation?

          These are perfect for you!

Are you an experienced meditation teacher or leader, but you want to freshen things up?

          These are perfect for you!

Are you a beginner or experienced meditator, and you’d like to just improve your own practice?

          These are perfect for you!

What can you do with these 200 Guided Meditation Scripts?

(And what can’t you do with them?)

Each of these 200 Guided Meditation Scripts comes as a separate downloadable PDF file.

Here’s what you can do with them:

  • You can read them aloud for individuals or groups. These guided meditations were uniquely formatted to make it easy for you to read them phrase-by-phrase and line-by-line.
  • You can use these scripts to make audio and video recordings. You can share these recordings online, play them during meditation sessions you are leading, and you can even sell these recordings too.
  • You can use these guided meditation scripts to create courses, that you can share and sell.
  • You can also use these scripts privately, in your own meditation sessions.

Here’s what you can’t do with these 200 Guided Meditation Scripts:

  • You can’t resell them in the original format they come in. You cannot take these PDF files as they are and resell them to others.
  • However, as mentioned above, you CAN use them to create audio and video recordings and courses, and those you can share freely, and even sell to others. You just cannot sell the PDF files, either as they are, or rebranded.

What exactly do you get with these 200 Guided Meditation Scripts?

You get access to 200 PDF files, each of which is a different guided meditation script, and you can download all of these files and save them to your computer right now... even if it’s 2:00 AM!

Each PDF file is beautifully designed, and formatted to be easy-to-read, easy-to-follow, and easy-to-understand.

Each script is designed for you to be able to read aloud or record right from the sheet, phrase-by-phrase and line-by-line. Of course, you’re also free to modify the scripts or edit them in any way that suits you.

These scripts use evidence-based techniques and methods for increasing mindfulness, while decreasing stress, anxiety, depression and overwhelm.

These 200 scripts have been shown to significantly enhance the quality of mindfulness in thousands of people from all walks of life, all around the world.

What kinds of meditations are included?

Here is the full list of every Guided Meditation Script you get!

Compassion, Love, & Forgiveness

  • A Break for Self-Compassion
  • Affectionate Breathing
  • Awareness of People Just Like You
  • Awareness of What You Like About Yourself
  • Breathing In Compassion for Self and Breathing Out Compassion for Others
  • Compassion - Four Infinite Thoughts
  • Compassion for Your Whole Body
  • Daily Practices for Love and Happiness
  • Forgiveness Meditation
  • Giving Kindness to Your Mind and Thoughts
  • Giving Yourself Care Through Physical Touch
  • Giving Yourself Compassion for a Difficult Situation
  • Giving Yourself Compassion for Failures and Mistakes
  • Giving Yourself Love and Kindness
  • In Depth Practice for Self-Compassion
  • Letting Go of Resentments by Forgiving Faults
  • Loving Kindness
  • Ordinary Kindness
  • Receiving Care for Yourself and Giving Care to Others
  • Recognition and Care for Those Who Frustrate You
  • Recognizing What You Need
  • Reflecting on Self-Compassion
  • Seeing Other People as Human Beings Rather Than Labels
  • Self-Love Meditation
  • Steps to Self-Soothe
  • Visualizing Receiving Love and Care
  • Wishing Ourselves and Others Well
  • Wishing Well Being for Ourselves and Others

Stress & Anxiety

  • A Breathing Anchor for Your Wandering Mind
  • Alleviate Stress with Three Deep Breaths
  • Breathe Away Anxious Thoughts
  • Breathing for Medium Amounts of Stress
  • Deep Breathing
  • Dropping the Suitcases of Worries and Regrets
  • Easing the Mind
  • Extending the Exhale
  • Focused Attention to Settle the Mind
  • Guided Visualization
  • Immersing Your Awareness into the Breath
  • Mindful Media
  • Mindfulness for Anxiety and Stress
  • Notice and Accept Your Body in the Present Moment
  • Nothing Thoughts to See Where the Mind Is
  • Noting, Thinking or Feeling
  • Re-relaxing the Drifting Mind with a Home Base
  • Relieving Anxiety
  • Relieving Low Amounts of Stress
  • Relieving Stress With SBNRR
  • Resolving Internal Conflict
  • Simply Stopping
  • Soft Belly Breathing
  • Stilling the Mind
  • Stress Relief with Breathing
  • Visualization of a Beach for Well-Being
  • Visualization Stress as a Storm

Relaxation, Presence, Happiness, & Acceptance

  • 5 Minutes to Regain Calm, Clarity, and Confidence
  • 5-Minute Simply Breathing Meditation
  • Awareness in Three Parts
  • Awareness of the Changing World
  • Awareness of Using Social Media
  • Awareness of Your Problem Without Fixing It
  • Awareness When You Are Killing Time
  • Become Aware then Focus and Expand Awareness
  • Breathing and Noting
  • Bringing Your Mind Back from Thoughts
  • Bringing Yourself into the Present Moment
  • Building Abilities to Communicate, Have Patience and Manage Time
  • Cultivating a Stable Mind
  • Experience Your Mind Like an Ocean
  • Feeling Tones- Pleasant, Unpleasant, Neutral
  • Feeling Your Body and Mind as a Lake
  • Finding the Breath
  • Focusing on Your Happy Baby
  • Focusing Your Attention Using Breath
  • Gladdening the Mind
  • Growing Happiness in the Mind
  • Intention to be Happy
  • Laying Down Meditation and Visualizing a Lake
  • Mindfulness of Breath
  • Mindfulness of the Present Moment Without Any Goals
  • Mindfulness While Waiting in Line
  • Noticing What Brings You Joy
  • Noting Without Identifying
  • One Complete Cycle of Breath
  • Open Awareness, Focus ion the Breath
  • Opening Your Awareness to Whatever is Arising
  • Pleasant vs Unpleasant
  • Several Meditations in 1
  • The Practice of Smiling
  • Three Mindful Breaths (Extended)
  • Three Mindful Breaths
  • Two Minutes of Mindful Breathing (Extended)
  • Two Minutes of Mindful Breathing
  • Using a Trigger for Mindfulness
  • Using the Power of Your Mind
  • Visiting Your Safe Place
  • Visualizing Your Day as You Wake Up
  • Visualizing Your Peaceful and Beautiful Place
  • What is Open Awareness?
  • Whole Body Breathing


  • 12 Intentions of Gratitude
  • Affirmations of Gratitude
  • Appreciating the Little Things
  • Appreciating Things in Your Life
  • Ending the Day with Gratitude
  • Experience of Gratitude
  • Filling Your Cup Meditation
  • Focusing on the Positive Moments Throughout the Day
  • Gratitude - Appreciating the Simple Things
  • Gratitude and Gladness
  • Gratitude for Breath, Body and Mind
  • Gratitude for Your Body
  • Gratitude Is Not in the Words
  • Heart-Centered Gratitude
  • Making Room for Gratitude
  • Mind Appreciation Meditation
  • Sharing Gratitude
  • Starting the Day with Gratitude
  • The Foundation for All Abundance
  • The Power of Gratitude for Sleep

Mindfulness of Emotions & Thoughts

  • Alleviate Depression
  • Alleviate Feelings of Anger and Resentment
  • Alleviate Your Feeling of Loneliness
  • Attending to Emotional, Mental or External Difficulties
  • Being Mindful and Present with Negative Emotions
  • Build Resilience to Your Response to Anger
  • Clarity of Your Emotion
  • Dealing with Negative Thoughts
  • Emotion as the Object of Focus
  • Noting Your Judgments
  • Observe Judging with Awareness
  • Recognizing Your Resilience to Difficulty
  • Reduce Envy and Celebrate Others
  • Reducing Depression with Someone Else's Love
  • Releasing Grief and Bringing in the Positive
  • Releasing the Pressure of Emotions
  • Rewriting Your Bad Day
  • Stopping Obsessive Thoughts About the Past
  • Understanding Your Emotions
  • Using R.A.I.N. for Difficult Emotions and Thoughts
  • When Your Mind Wanders

Pain Management

  • A Safe Place to Deal with Pain
  • Changing Your Perspective on Pain
  • Deep State of Relaxation for Chronic Pain
  • Making Room for Pain or Discomfort
  • Pain - Body Scan
  • Pain - Breathing and Deep Body Scan


  • A Visualization to Relax the Mind for Deep Sleep
  • Bedtime Mindfulness
  • Mental Relaxation for Sleep
  • Relaxation for Sleep
  • Simple Sleep Meditation
  • Sleep Appreciation
  • Sleep Longer with More Ease
  • Total Body Relaxation for Sleep
  • Visualization of a Sleepy Train Ride
  • Visualizing a Beautiful Island for Sleep

Leadership, Confidence, Focus, & Energy

  • Becoming Motivated
  • Boosting Your Brainwaves
  • Bringing Energy and Alertness to Your Mind
  • Building Confidence for Social Settings and Meeting New People
  • Concentrating Your Mind
  • Exploring Yourself as a Leader
  • Feeling Strong and Confident
  • Financial Abundance
  • Focus - Extreme Concentration
  • Focus and Eliminating Distractions
  • Focused Attention and Concentration
  • Focusing on Healthy Food Choices
  • Get Better at Feeling and Noticing
  • Learning How to Focus by Focusing on the Details of the Day
  • Motivation When You are Unmotivated
  • Restoring Confidence When Negatively Impacted
  • Setting Goals and Accomplishing Them
  • The Importance of Daily Practice

Sensory, Body Scan, & Movement

  • Awareness of Each of the Five Senses
  • Awareness of 4 Elements - Earth, Air, Water and Fire
  • Awareness of Smell While Walking
  • Awareness of the Body's Points of Contact
  • Awareness When Walking
  • Body Appreciation Meditation
  • Body Awareness and Where It Is
  • Body Scan with Liquid Sunlight
  • Body Scan, Advanced
  • Body Scan, Guided Meditation Script
  • Body Scan, Intermediate
  • Breathing and Meditating for Self-Healing
  • Breathing While Touching Your Fingers
  • Bringing Awareness to the Entire Body
  • Calming the Body
  • Concentrating on Breath, Sound, and Sight
  • Earth Element
  • Feeling Your Feet Throughout the Day
  • Focusing on the Colors You See
  • Grounding Body Scan
  • Grounding Through Body Awareness
  • Mindful Bathing
  • Mindful Body
  • Mindful Cleaning
  • Mindful Cooking
  • Mindful Journaling
  • Mindful of Your Food and Eating
  • Mindfulness of Doing the Dishes
  • Mindfulness When You Drive
  • Noticing Movement Through Breath
  • Ocean Mind
  • Open Awareness for Thoughts and Senses
  • Sense of Sound
  • Settling Your Mind by Picturing Your Body as a Bowl
  • Shopping Mindfully
  • Short Body Scan
  • The Rhythm of the Breath Flowing Through the Body
  • Using Sounds as the Object of Your Awareness
  • Walking Meditation

Family, Kids, & Relationships

  • Being Present For Your Baby
  • Connecting with Your Baby
  • Focusing on Pregnancy and Motherhood
  • Gratitude for Pregnancy
  • Listening and Speaking with a Partner
  • Mindfulness for Kids
  • Mindfulness While Speaking with Others