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November 8, 2019
Visualizing A Beautiful Island For Sleep is a great guided meditation script that allows for relaxation and smoothly transition to good night's sleep.
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Here’s a Sample of the “Visualizing A Beautiful Island For Sleep” Guided Meditation Script:

A Nice Island in the Bay of Biscay

There is a small island off the western coast of France called Belle Isle en Mer.

It is a beautiful rocky island where the weather is cool.

As I describe it to you, you are going to get cozy and comfy in your bed, and allow yourself to drift off to sleep.

So, make sure you have your favorite pillow and snuggle up in just the position you like.

You are riding the ferry from the mainland, its only about a 25-minute ride.

You’ve decided to take a seat on the bow of the boat, so that you can watch the island you are traveling to slowly become larger as the ferry grows closer.

The weather is cool, but not too cold, and there is a steady headwind on the bow of the boat, as it skims across the sea.

There are some metal benches for people to sit in, but you decide to stand at the railing of the boat so that you can see the water rushing past below.

You look down at the water and hear the sounds of the ocean lapping at the side of the ferry boat.

visualizing a beautiful island for sleep, Visualizing A Beautiful Island For Sleep

The wind is slightly salty and refreshing, catching your clothes and making them dance on your body.

The hum of the engines is loud, yet calming.

There are people sitting on the benches, talking in French as they watch the very same scene as you.

A few kids are enjoying the ride more than anyone else, pointing and smiling during the entire ride.

The ferry engines slow because it is coming in to port.

The captain maneuvers the boat perfectly, docking with precision.

Several workers get off the boat before it even comes to a full stop, grabbing all sorts of ropes to tie it securely and buoys to act as a buffer between the dock and the ferry.

A small bridge extends off the side of the boat to allow for passengers to exit, and a large ramp on the end of the boat slowly lowers to allow for the cars it carried across the bay to drive off.

The whole process of unloading everything goes so smoothly and there is no rushing, and no waiting in line.

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