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April 6, 2016

This Guided Meditation for anxiety and detachment from over-thinking will help you be relaxed and concentrated through the day.

Guided Meditation for Detachment From Over-Thinking, by Jason Stephenson

Hello, my name is Jason, and welcome to this guided meditation for anxiety and Stress.

I will now take you to on a journey of relaxation, visual imagery, and pure visualization. We will learn to leave your problems and inner anxieties behind and will gain a new understanding and clarity of mind. Embracing instead a powerful and vibrant visualization that fills your being with ___ and enables you to understand your place within the world and all that is important. You will hear powerful, positive statements and these ___ many ___ good messages and improve your sense of well-being. You will learn how to let go of tension and to experience all that is natural and instinctive.

To experience all the benefits of this guided meditation, find a well-ventilated room and a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Make sure that you not be disturbed for approximately 30 minutes and settle into a position where you could sit or lie comfortably for the duration of this recording. Unplug ___ your fan. Close your eyes and prepare for a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. Embrace the opportunity to escape from the here and now. At this moment in time, there is nothing for you to feel concerned about. You are at peace. You will allow the tensions of the day to dissipate and to connect with the universe. Remember that this is your time.

With your eyes closed, breathe deeply and slowly through your nose, and then slowly exhale through your mouth. As you exhale, picture any ___ tension leaving your body as a color. Let the tension fill the airs swirling around you. If you feel angry, envision the breath as a deep red color to make it become a more vivid image, but you can choose any color that appeals. Allow any tension within you to dispose of as the breath leaves your body.

Now, inhale again. Breathing in slowly through your nose to a count of four. You can breathe in the color blue for healing. Extend your diaphragm as you feel the air entering your lungs. Breathe in deeply to the bottom of your lungs. With your lungs now full, hold the breath for two seconds, and then, exhale slowly through your mouth. Strive to control the exhalation as you breathe out steady to a count of four, watching the colored breath leaving your body.

Continue the cycle of breathing known as rhythmic breathing. Inhale slowly and steadily to a count of four. Holding the breath for a count of two. And then exhale to a count of four. You can use this technique anytime you feel tensed or nervous. Try it whenever you are feeling stressed as it will enable you to breathe your way through any tensions and to be able to release any worries, anxieties or physical tensions each time on the out-breath.

Now, breath normally, feeling the tension leaving your body and continue to do this for one minute, and I’ll be back.

We carry a great deal of tension in our neck and shoulders. Throw your shoulders slowly up to your ears, hold, and then release. Acknowledge that your body is now starting to feel more relaxed. Keep using your breath to relinquish any tension and feel your body start to relax more and more. Your arms and legs will start to feel heavier. The muscles in your back will release. If there’s any tension left in your shoulders, tighten your muscles, hold, and then release. Feel your shoulders relaxing and show that there is space between your shoulders and your ears elongating your next ___. You should feel the back of the chair or the mattress supporting your body. Just enjoy the sensation of breath and relaxation for one minute.

Continue breathing normally. Imagine that you’re walking up a stone staircase that spirals around. The steps are made from white marble. You ___ fingers along the stone wall to your left as you climb. The stone is smooth and cold to your touch. Continue to climb slowly. There are many steps spiraling up ahead of you. You are not afraid of the height. It feels wonderful to be leaving all of your problems below. And as you walk, ___ down at the small room below. Seeing many boxes—large and small, all of them filled overflowing with all of your problems, your anxieties, and all of your regrets. Feel a sense of relief as you climb higher, moving away from all the chaos, the clutter, and anxieties below. With each step, you move towards peace and inner contentment.

You are now approaching the top step, and inky blackness greets you. As you emerge onto a circular ___ platform. You know that the sky forms the roof, and there are millions of stars twinkling in the black expanse. There is a sudden rush of freedom. Feel the sense of wonder and awe as you look towards the heavens.

In the middle of the pure, white, curved platform, there is a circular flat sit, sloping back into a contoured chair made out of the same marble as its surroundings. Sit and feel the coolness of the marble beneath you. It is a perfect sit for reflection, and you lean back feeling the stone supporting your back in the most perfect places. It’s as if it was carved with you in mind. Imagine that you are now looking up at the night sky. There are no clouds to mask the stars and they provide you with the vastness that is appealing. Away to escape the tensions of everyday life. In real life, you may feel tense, frustrated, and even trapped by life’s confinements, but as you look up now into the depths of this extra-ordinary sky, dotted with stars, millions of stars, light-years away, you feel a sense of desire to float up high and to become one with the universe, to feel weightless, to gain a new and inspiring sense of perspective. Feel yourself begin to float gently out of the marble sit. You move up even higher.

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