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Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners Ebook

If you’ve arrived at this page, you’re probably looking to get started with a mindfulness practice. Maybe you’ve heard about mindfulness meditation, and the idea of “living mindfully,” but you’re not sure exactly what that means. You like the idea of achieving greater peace, awareness, focus, clarity, and presence at work, at home, and with family and friends, but you’re unsure of what the path looks like to get from here to there.

Don’t worry: we all start somewhere. The important thing is your decision to step onto the path. So, congratulations on making that decision.

This ebook is designed with the beginner in mind. It can be difficult starting out on a new journey, and trying to incorporate a new practice into our lives. Oftentimes, we’re unsure of how to proceed. Particularly with something as unfamiliar as mindfulness meditation, you’ll likely encounter some hurdles along the way. For that matter, even knowing how to get started can be difficult.

This mindfulness meditation for beginners ebook will help you on your path towards a more mindful, peaceful, and conscientious life. It will help you achieve greater levels of satisfaction with your live as it is. Not your life as it will hopefully be, some day in the future; rather, your life as it is now, right here, in this moment. Once you learn to settle, practice nonjudgment, and live in the present, you’ll find yourself at greater peace with your current circumstances. Striving will start to fall away. In its place, you’ll find deep, lasting fulfillment.

Feel free to read this book all in one sitting, or in smaller parts. You can also download it, and view it offline on your tablet of e-reader. Congratulations again for embarking on this path: it’s a journey that lasts a lifetime, but the most important thing is getting started.


Excerpt from ebook:

Living Mindfully

First and foremost, I’d like to congratulate you on your decision to enhance your personal growth through mindfulness. Try to keep in mind that this is something you are doing for yourself and your well-being, so it’s important for you to put in the effort and make a commitment to schedule formal times to practice these exercises just as you would other important appointments.

Believe me, I know that sometimes it is easier said than done. It is not uncommon to lose enthusiasm and dedication to a new practice when obstacles arise and daily tasks begin to get in the way; as you continue on it’s important for you to figure out what is working and what’s not so that you can adjust your practice, as needed.

Before beginning mindfulness practices, it is imperative to understand the concept of mindfulness and what the practice of mindfulness can mean for you in your efforts towards personal growth.

Mindfulness practice often embodies eight attitudes and it’s these attitudes below that contribute to the growth and flourishing of your mind, heart and body.

1. Learner’s Mind – Seeing things as a visitor in a foreign land, everything is new and curious.

2. Nonjudgmental – Becoming impartial, without any labels of right or wrong or good or bad. Simply allowing things to be.

3. Acknowledgment – Recognizing things as they are.

4. Settled – Being comfortable in the moment and content where you are.

5. Composed – Being equanimous and in control with compassion and insight.

6. Letting be – Letting things be as they are with no need to change them.

7. Self-reliant – Deciding on your own, from your own experiences, what is true or not.

8. Self-compassionate – Loving yourself as you are with no criticism or self-reproach.

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