Buddhist Meditation: Relax Mind And Body


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Buddhist Mindfulness: Meditation and Relaxation

Practicing mindfulness is an important part of the Buddhist tradition. While different schools and sub-schools within Buddhism place varying levels of focus on specific activities, including mindfulness meditation, it’s fair to say that seated meditation is a vital component of many aspects of Buddhist spirituality.

When we sit in mindfulness meditation, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the thoughts running through our heads. No matter what we do, it can be difficult to still the constant flow of conscious thought that we often refer to as the “monkey mind.” In fact, sometimes, the mere act of trying to slow down these conscious thoughts can actually make them all the more intense.

Many sects of Buddhism would point out that attempting to use the mind to still the mind is an inherently futile practice. It’s like trying to sniff your own nose, or look at your own eyes. By its very definition, it’s an impossible task. And the harder we try to accomplish it, the more pointlessly frustrated we’ll become.

Relaxing the Mind With Buddhist Meditation

Rather than taking this approach, Buddhism advocates something else. If you’ve ever heard or seen Buddhist monks in seated meditation, you may have noticed the use of chants, music, gongs, bells, cymbals, or other forms of sound. These sounds aren’t simply meant to be relaxing in and of themselves — although there is certainly something inherently soothing about them. In addition to providing some degree of relaxation, these sounds are intended to draw the mind away from its racing thoughts and give it something else to focus on.

By listening to this relaxing Buddhist meditation music while practicing mindfulness meditation, you’ll experience your mind slowly begin to uncoil, release, and relax. Over time, you’ll notice that the constant rush of thoughts is beginning to quiet entirely on its own.

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