Melting Into Love [Audio]

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Melting Into Love, by Anam Thubten:


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About Anam Thubten:

As a young child growing up in Tibet, Anam Thubten was intent on entering the monastery, where for much of his childhood and young adult life he received the benefit of extensive academic and spiritual training from several teachers in the Nyingma branch of Tibetan Buddhism. He conveys the Dharma with the blessing of teachers Khenpo Chopel, Lama Garwang and others gone before in a lineage of wisdom holders and enlightened masters. During his formative years in Tibet he also developed a special affinity with a yogi and lifetime hermit Lama Tsurlo, who remains a deep source of inspiration in Anam Thubten’s expression of the Dharma.


In the ___, in this ___, our consciousness, mind is like ___. There’s a lot of that frozen ___, even though its nature is always flow and pristine. From that point of view, there’s not much ___ or psychological pathology. As only sometimes, it’s frozen in each of us. We’ve frozen our body in our consciousness and when you feel that, your heart is not open. Energy is not flowing gracefully.

We have this experience right now in our being. In ___ Buddhism, we talk about the ___ of the channels. It’s like as if you have this energetic knot somewhere in your body and your heart. It could be fear. It could be anger. I’d like everybody to just go inside right now and find out that frozen, somewhere inside, or find out that energetic knot or energetic blockage inside you. You may even be able to look at where it is. Maybe a spasm in your back. Or a pain in your stomach. Or some kind of tightness in your chest.

There’s so many things that are happening right now in this amazing gathering and we are becoming more and more intuitive. And feel that there’s joy and peace creating around here. And also, you may feel that there’s some struggle happening right now either inside yourself if not inside somebody around you. So you can be very sensitive and open-hearted towards each other. That’s the beauty of the meditational retreat.

So everybody has their frozen. You maybe be able to ___ or you may not be able to even talk about it, but you can feel that somewhere inside you. So here, I am asking to go inside and intentionally ___ to that flaws inside you. It could be deep to the resentment, fears, or you may not be able to numb it. It could be very much physical. That sensation inside your body. A ___ and ___ sensations somewhere inside your body.

Or you could be ___ origin to what I’m saying right now, hoping that he’ll be quiet very soon. I’m, you know– ___ all your frozen on the surface of your consciousness. Don’t hold anything back. This is a moment for inner cleansing.

I want you to bring everything up on the surface. Bring about your guilt, your resentment, your self-lauding, your origin, your fears. Bring all of them into this field of compassion of awareness, it’s in its judgmental awareness. And also feel the pain that comes along with this frozen. Can you see there’s a pain? This is what to be called ___. You know, where there’s suffering.

And sometimes, we can have this frozen by holding on to ___ emotions as also onto a very rigid beliefs and ideas, or even personal ideas, or even spiritual ideas, as well as a lot of political ideas, and the beliefs for instance.  So then there’s ___ flow beautifully. Remember your being ___, a sacred water, a holy water. ___.

One of the most powerful that to melt this frozen is the love. There are different ways of ___ the love. The hundred expressions of love. That’s the divine love. In India, they call it ___. You don’t have to be Hindu to practice ___ yoga. It can be a– you can be anybody. You can go inside and ___ love towards the—that’s the truth. Love towards that ___ Buddha. And love towards ___. Love towards the ___. Love towards the ___.

Or you may not connect to those traditional ___. And you can practice such as the Brahma Vihara. I think Jim’s going to lead the Brahma Vihara. It’s a love of yourself. It’s a love towards your family members. Love towards your friends. Love towards the humanity. Love towards the universe. Sometimes, I tell people right upon, now and then. Right upon, hence to the—everything—hence to the existence, hence to the universe. You may not feel ___ that you can ___ to the universe, you can ___ to the ocean, or the forest. Or you can go inside and meet it into the ___ such as the Brahma Viharas.

One of my ___, my ___ special practices reciting ___, also known as the ___. I’m always looking forward to that practice. I recite it to the ___. I write—I try to recite that early, every morning. And that is the best time, the ___ for me. And let me recite the first of ___ so much power, and yet ___ simple. It’s not one of those that teachings that requires a lot of study, hand, contemplations. It’s very simple. This 9 Goals that are all essential in Beings—have happiness and the cause of happiness. I used to recite this when I was young, and then somehow, I forgot it for a long time. I thought it was too simple. I started in other fancy liturgists, like ___ liturgists, ___ Buddhist liturgist. I though there’s much more profound, more mysterious, more intriguing, and eventually, I went back to those simple practice. It’s a simple practice, because it’s so easy to understand.

And sometimes, I have my own obstacles. ___ expression. We talked about the outer obstacle, the inner obstacle, and the secret obstacles. The outer obstacles are the challenges that you go through everyday lives. Like health issue, having a flat tire on the highway. And then you have inner obstacle, which is based on your emotional challenges like fears, hope, confusion. So when I confined with these challenges, I have a secret I’m going to share with you. How I dealt with those challenges. I want to also to report to the ___ that I have nothing to report. I am very ordinary, but I feel that I no longer afraid of challenges as I used to, because I now know how to work with them. So I want to share this secret with all of you. I’m not saying that I am enlightened, I’m exalted, I am simply as ordinary just like you.

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