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Since 2017, our community has helped thousands of mindfulness professionals find connection, direction, and support.

Accelerate Your Growth, Impact & Influence

You help others to be more mindful. Thank you for making a meaningful difference in people's lives! 

Now what?  

Where can you go for continued education and professional development? 
How can you network with other mindfulness professionals in your industry?
Which mindfulness trainings should you offer first, second, third, etc.?
How do you deal with self-doubt and fear of judgment when sharing mindfulness? 
What trauma-sensitivity trainings and teaching pedagogies are best for you? 
Who can personally mentor you in your own mindfulness journey?
How can you share mindfulness with more integrity and credibility?
Where can you practice teaching mindfulness for greater confidence? 
How do you increase your influence and develop your business?

If you’ve experienced these uncertainties, well, we feel you. And if you want more out of sharing mindfulness with others, then we’re here for you.

We created Connect to be a safe place for mindfulness professionals who bet on their hearts. There’s no judgment here. Only compassion, shared knowledge, hands-on training, and more of the good stuff mindfulness teachers are looking for to propel their wellness journeys forward.

We’re excited you’re here! And we hope to welcome you soon!

Designed For You

  • A dedicated mindfulness practitioner who helps others professionally
  • A therapist, counselor, healer, yoga teacher, life coach or wellness entrepreneur or advocate 
  • Someone trained in health and wellness, teaching mindfulness, or guiding meditations
  • Someone who respects diversity in all its shapes and forms because that’s awesome, beautiful, and helpful
  • A person willing to invest resources in their personal and professional growth
  • An individual who loves wellness retreats, mindfulness talks, guided meditations, and other forms of growth and continued development

Built on Core Principles

Teaching Is Learning

You already know that when you teach mindfulness and meditation to others, you also learn more yourself. Teaching stretches your mind. It produces new embodied insights. So, how much more can we learn by advancing our teaching? This is the professional development program you’ve been waiting for.

Results Are Personal

As we teach more, devoting our lives to sharing mindfulness with others, we might tend to neglect our personal practice in favor of business development. But our personal practice IS business development. What if you had access to a safe practice space where you could ask others to hold you accountable for continuing your personal growth?

Experience Drives Action

Follow through is everything. But it can be tricky to unlock that motivation. As we seek to share mindfulness with more people, how do we know where to begin, and where to put our effort? Shared experiences move us forward and encourage us to be our best.

Community Cures Ego

As mindfulness teachers, we help others observe and compassionately detach from the influence of the ego. But where is ego showing up for us? And who can we trust to help us see our own blind spots? The best way to surround yourself with good people who have your back.

Kindness Never Fails

Online networks can be divisive spaces. But what would it feel like to participate in an online community of fellow mindfulness practitioners? Perhaps you could be more vulnerable, perhaps more authentic. You could ask the hard questions and share real advice without fear of judgment.

Enjoy the Journey

The most fulfilled mindfulness teachers don’t just chase dollar signs or big end goals. They create from a place of love and joy. They do the work because the work is the reward. And still, they put effort into learning, growing and enhancing their ability to reach and teach others.

Here’s what you get...

Live Mindfulness Teacher Events

Live Meditations & Mindfulness Events - For Teachers

With your Connect membership, you’ll be able to participate in live mindfulness meditations and discussion sessions, workshops and retreats hosted by world-renowned mindfulness and meditation teachers and authors.

There’s something happening nearly every day of the week, in several different time zones.

~20x Month: Live Meditations & Discussion Groups

~2x Month: Live workshops and trainings

~2x Month: Opportunities to practice teaching others

~2x Month: Live day-long retreats just for teachers

~1x Month: In-depth workshops led by world renowned teachers, researchers and authors

Monthly Workshops with World-Renowned Mindfulness Teachers

During these live 2-hour Zoom workshops, the most respected voices in mindfulness and meditation present on a wide variety of topics. 

Interact with our guest teachers, ask them questions, learn how they teach mindfulness and meditation, and get personalized advice from them on your particular situation.

Rapidly deepen and advance your mindfulness teaching skills and effectiveness.

Here are just a few of our Guest Teachers and their topics:

Dr. Richie Davidson

Dr. Richie Davidson

Founder of The Center For Healthy Minds, Pioneer in Mindfulness Research

"How to Present the Neuroscience of Mindfulness"

Susan Kaiser Greenland

Susan Kaiser Greenland

Author of The Mindful Child, Mindful Games and Mindful Parent, Mindful Child

"How to Teach Mindfulness To Kids"

Judson Brewer

Judson Brewer

Director of Research and Innovation at the Mindfulness Center

"How to Help People with Mindful Eating" & "How to Unwind Anxiety"

David Treleaven

David Treleaven

Author of Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness

"How to Help People with Trauma"

Spring Washam

Spring Washam

Author of A Fierce Heart; Cofounder of East Bay Meditation Center

"How to Find Your Voice As A Mindfulness Teacher"

Dr. Rick Hanson

Dr. Rick Hanson

NYTimes Bestselling Author of Resilient and Hardwiring Happiness

"How to Help People Heal, Grow and Thrive"

Dr. Gabor Maté

Dr. Gabor Maté

Pioneer in Compassionate Inquiry, Addiction and Childhood Development

"How to Work with Compassionate Inquiry" & "Building Resilience in Challenging Times"

Oren Jay Sofer

Oren Jay Sofer

Author of Say What You Mean and The Mindful Schools Curriculum for Adolescents

"How to Practice Mindful Communication" & "Mindfulness for Chronic Pain"

George Mumford

George Mumford

Author of The Mindful Athlete; Mindfulness Teacher for Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

"How to Strengthen the 5 Mindfulness Superpowers"

Christopher Germer

Christopher Germer

Co-Developer of the Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Training Program

"How to Teach Self-Compassion" and "How to Work with Shame"

Bonnie Duran

Bonnie Duran

First Native American to join the Spirit Rock Meditation Center Teachers Council; Professor at U. of Washington

"How to Share Mindfulness with Social Equity and Inclusion"

Cory Muscara

Cory Muscara

Bestselling Author of Stop Missing Your Life; Mindfulness Expert for Dr. Oz; Main Teacher for

"How to Lead Mindfulness Meditation Retreats"

Kevin Griffin

Kevin Griffin

Author of One Breath At A Time, Recovering Joy and Living Kindness; Pioneer in Mindful Recovery

"How to Teach Mindfulness for Addiction"

Michelle Maldonado

Michelle Maldonado

Founder of Lucenscia; Named among the "12 Powerful Women in the Mindfulness Movement" by Mindful Magazine

"How to Integrate Mindfulness Into One's Whole Life"

Michael Taft

Michael Taft

Author of The Mindful Geek; Core Faculty at Wisdom Labs; SIYLI Curriculum Developer; Sounds True Editor

"How to Teach Mindfulness in Companies"

Willoughby Britton

Willoughby Britton

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Brown University Medical School

"Identifying and managing the adverse effects of mindfulness meditation"

Mindful Teaching Guides & Courses

Mindfulness Teacher Trainings & Courses

Your Connect membership includes access to select teaching guides and courses that will help you increase your confidence and improve your skills and competency at teaching mindfulness and leading others in meditation.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create a safe environment for your students, clients, or patients
  • How to create a fertile setting for turning inward with gentle curiosity
  • How to be trauma-sensitive
  • How to assess your students’ progress
  • How to guide compassionate inquiry
  • How to guide a wide variety of mindfulness meditations
  • How to adapt your teaching to in-person or online environments
  • And lots more!

These courses and guides will also help you improve your own mindfulness and meditation skills and practice, so you can bring a higher level of confidence, energy, skill, competence, and presence into the space in which you teach and meditate with your students, clients, or patients.

Connect with Other Teachers Discussion Forum

Connect with Other Mindful Professionals

We offer safe, friendly online social spaces to meet mindfulness professionals just like you who are also sharing mindfulness meditation with others.

Our private, member-only social platform is where you can come together with other mindfulness and meditation teachers, and anyone who uses mindfulness and meditation in their practice or profession to help students, patients, or clients. 

Form new and valuable professional connections, meet new friends who share your interest and passion for mindfulness and meditation, and we’ll all be sharing our experiences. Inspire and be inspired. Support others in their pursuit of growth and receive the same support. 

Think of these social spaces as your 24/7/365 personal networking, socializing, and learning platform, designed and created specifically for mindfulness and meditation teachers and helpers.

  • Mindfulness Discussion Boards
  • Live Real-Time Chat Spaces
  • Direct Message with Other Members and Groups
  • Join a Smaller, Private Cohort based on Common Interest or Identity

Teacher-Only Real-Time Chat

Mindfulness Professionals Live Chat

In Connect, you’ll get access to our private Live (Real-Time) Chat that’s for mindfulness and meditation professionals only.

At any time, day or night, you’ll be able to see any teachers or mindfulness professionals who are currently online, and chat with them, in real-time, right in our community. 

You never know when a great mindfulness chat will happen! 

And this is another great place to post a challenge you’re facing, or ask for help, coaching, and mentoring from the other Connect mindfulness teachers in our community, from our team of teachers, or from Sean Fargo.

Private Cohorts

Safe Private Cohorts

Inside Connect, small, private cohorts are groups of 4-10 who so you can form even stronger bonds, friendships, and relationships. Cohorts may be with people who have the same interests as you, speak the same language, share an identity or even reside in your area.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Accountability (meditators trying to break or build a habit)
  • Meditation type (meditators who are interested in a particular practice)
  • Language (Spanish-speaking meditators, for example)
  • Teachers (groups based on who, where, or what they teach)
  • Identity-based (meditators who identify as BIPOC, LBGTQ+, for example)
  • Professionals (accountants, therapists, nurses, school teachers, and so on)
  • Interest-based (meditators who surf, ski, hike, paint, etc.)
  • Time zone (groups meet at a particular time to meditate together)
  • Geography (Colorado meditators, New Delhi meditators, and so on)

As you can see, there are infinite possibilities for cohorts. Join our existing cohorts, or propose a new cohort that you’d like to create!

Daily Mindfulness Challenge

Daily Mindfulness Practices

Not sure what to teach or practice today? Daily Mindfulness Practices can will help you maintain or expand your personal practice - or use them as inspiration to teach and share with others.

Every day, we post a new mindfulness practice in audio, video, script or worksheet format - often all of the above!

Leave comments, ask questions, and engage in a discussion with others about your own experience, or how to best share each Daily Practice with others.

iOS App

An iOS App Option

Download our iOS App and take the Connect community with you, on the go!

The Connect mindfulness community also includes a robust iOS App that you can easily download and use on your iPhone, anytime, and anywhere you like. The app is fully-featured, easy- and fun-to-use, and it’s included for no extra cost.

(An Android App is on the way!)

Supported by Seasoned Mindfulness Teacher Trainers

We run on community! Our core team is here to help you achieve your mindfulness meditation teaching goals, whether you're an established teacher or just getting started.

Former Buddhist Monk of 2 Years

Instructor for the Mindfulness Program born at Google

Mindfulness Meditation Trainer for Kaiser Permanente, Tesla, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Ernst & Young, Pain Management Centers, Prisons and Family Programs 

Sean Fargo, Founder of Mindfulness Exercises

Sean has shared free mindfulness exercises with more than 20 million people online and in person. He is the principle trainer for the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program, certifying hundreds of people to teach mindfulness in a variety of professional settings.

Favorite Part about Connect

"I see Connect as a 1-stop shop where mindfulness professionals can get the community, training, resources and encouragement they need to make a difference in people's lives." 

Surprising Fact about Sean

"I like chess, almond butter filled pretzels, U2, Don Quixote, Indiana Jones, and Impractical Jokers."

Why Sean Loves Community

“It is genuinely exciting it is to see our community members make breakthroughs in their mindfulness and meditation teaching. I love getting to celebrate their achievements. I’m a natural helper, I love creating an environment that helps people reach their goals.”

Sara-Mai Conway

Senior Teacher for The Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program

Health, Wellness + Fitness Writer

Meditation + Yoga Retreat Leader

eRYT 500-hour Yoga Teacher

Sara-Mai Conway, Mindfulness Teacher Trainer

Sara-Mai is a wellness industry professional with vast experience as a coach, consultant, and entrepreneur. She is a mindfulness and meditation writer, teacher and content creator for brands and businesses dedicated to improving mental and physical health.

Favorite Part about Connect

"I particularly enjoy leading the practice teaching sessions. In this safe space, everyone is welcome to share their mindfulness meditations and receive feedback on their content and delivery. I learn something new every time. It’s a joy to watch people overcome their fear and become more aware of their confidence and courage."

Surprising Fact about Sara-Mai

"I got my first passport before I had a birth certificate (true story!) and to this day, enjoy travel."

Why She Loves Community

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without my own sangha. It’s my wish that everyone have that same depth of support, especially those who are dedicated to serving others.”

Developer and Director of the 80-hour Happy Melon Studios Meditation Teacher Training program

Creator of 'Simple Tools for Self Acceptance'

55,000 followers on Insight Timer

Meg James, Director of Meditation Teacher Training Program

Meg holds a degree in Psychology with Swinburne University, an Advanced Diploma of Yoga and Meditation Teaching with the Australian Yoga Academy and an ICF accredited Certificate of Life Coaching with BYCA. Meg's meditation recordings have been shared internationally through multiple apps such as Insight Timer, Happy Waves and Keep it Cleaner, reaching over 4 million meditators. 

Favorite Part about Connect

"I love hearing the personal stories and experiences of real people who are doing their best to make a real difference in our world."

Surprising Fact about Meg

"I started meditating with my mom when I was 4 years old."

Why Meg Loves Community

"Mindful community has been vital to my healing, growth and wellbeing. Co-creating mindful community is a part of who I am." 


Former Buddhist Monk

Instructor for the Mindfulness Program born at Google

Expertises with Sleep, Anxiety, Digital Habits, Shame, & Body Image

Founder of the Unhooked recovery program

Jeremy Lipkowitz, Senior Mindfulness Teacher

For the past 11 years Jeremy has been teaching mindfulness and emotional intelligence practices in organizations, universities, and recovery centers throughout Europe, Asia, and the US. He is a certified leadership coach through the Co-Active Training Institute, and combines his science-based expertise with a hunger for personal development to help others discipline their minds and achieve genuine inner-peace and fulfillment.

Favorite Part about Connect

"I love seeing people deepen their understanding of mindfulness and meditation in service if supporting others. You can sense that people are here because they want to be a source of light and healing to those in their lives and in their communities. Connect really brings together such wonderful people." 

Surprising Fact about Jeremy

"I lived in Thailand for 4 years and can speak Thai fairly well. I love homemade chocolate chip cookies when they're still a bit gooey and uncooked on the inside. I'm a huge fan of science fiction novels."

Why Jeremy Loves Community

"Community is everything to me. It's our relationships and connections with others that bring deep and lasting fulfillment, and also provide comfort and safety when we are feeling lost, afraid, or ashamed. Mindfulness teaches us not only how to calm the mind and cultivate wholesome mental qualities, but also, ultimately, how to live in harmony with the world around us. Community is where the rubber meets the road for our practice."

Lena Adams Kim

Mindfulness Educations

Content Creator


Culture Builder

Lena Adams Kim, Creator & Senior Advisor Mindful EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). Hospice/Grief Counselor. Communications expert. Environmental Justice researcher.

Dr. Lena Adams Kim is a mindfulness and communications expert with the U.S. EPA who believes that transparent and compassionate communications are key to advancing social and environmental justice. She specializes in incorporating mindfulness and related neuroscience into environmental justice; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion work; risk communications; educational psychology, bereavement counseling, the power of story-telling, and the emergent field of positive psychology. Her doctoral research focused on underserved communities' use of story-telling to protect the environment in the United States. She holds a Ph.D. and two Master’s degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University in the fields of organizational psychology and communications. Her passion is to empower others to understand and communicate their best selves.

Favorite Part about Connect

"Connect provides a warm, inviting space for educators and educators-in-training interested in like-minded folks interested in helping themselves so that they are best positioned to help others."

Surprising Fact about Lena

"I speak Thai (my mother's native language) in my dreams, fluently. (Last time I spoke Thai fluently was as a child, in Bangkok!)"

Why Lena Loves Community

"Isn't that what life is all about? Communing with humanity in all its faces?"

Amy Grant

Community Manager for Connect

Part of the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program

Former Community Manager for MasterClass

Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Amy Grant, Community Manager

Amy is a meditation nerd with years of experience in managing communities, including Masterclass. Her personal (and professional) life has revolved around the world of wellness, spirituality, meditation, and more for nearly a decade.

Favorite Part about Connect

"l absolutely love the live events. Each event holds space for a new energy and dynamic to be created and each is unique in their own way."

Surprising Fact about Amy

"By the age of 30, I lived in 11 countries on 3 continents and have visit almost 60 amazing countries. I also have a fond love of potatoes."

Why Amy Loves Community

"Community has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Long-term solo travel left me with the realization of just how important connection was. So I started to help create and sustain communities for companies all around the world. I love the idea of people talking, connecting and nourishing each other to help create deepened relationships and alter one's experience of the world."

We Take Safety Seriously

Our mindfulness teaching community is a place you can count on to be kept safe. We take that responsibility very seriously. When you become a member, you’ll be safe to…

  • Ask questions, experiment with ideas, participate in challenges, share real problems, and generally learn and grow without fear of judgment or rejection.
  • Show up as you are in a community that welcomes members with diverse backgrounds including race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, neurodiversity, and physical ableness.
  • Make your own choices, including how often you’d like to share and comment about yourself, your business, and the mindfulness / meditation path you’re on.
  • Build deep relationships with fellow mindfulness teachers that can lead to breakthrough ideas, important decisions, and enduring friendships.
  • Give feedback to us about how we can make our community even better. We’re truly in this together. You will always have a voice here in our community.
  • Be free with your feelings about the highs and lows of life as a mindfulness teacher. It’s an inescapable roller coaster of emotions at times. We’re here for that because we’re all on the same ride.

Our Members Are Your People

Connect is the Swiss Army knife of mindful communities because of its usefulness and versatility. I recommend it because of ALL the different features that you can access such as the scheduled group meditations, asking questions and receiving feedback from other mindfulness practitioners, and downloading tools that you can use in your personal practice, to name a few. If you want to learn and grow, this is the supportive community you want to be a part of!"

Mike Woods

Certified Meditation Life Coach

“Connect is aptly named, as it sounds - it is a hub of resources and ways to connect with other mindfulness practitioners. I’m still learning about the functionality, but recently enjoyed this month’s free download. If you’re wondering where to start in the broad topic of mindfulness, look no further. Connect may be just what you’re looking for - learn with and from others, share ideas, and raise the consciousness of the world.

Julia S.

Psychotherapist, CYT

“I want to thank you for creating this community. I am really just getting started with the Connect site, but I absolutely love it. There is so much to explore, and I especially like the ability to reach out to others and get helpful responses and feedback. Since I can't always make the live sessions, this is especially helpful, and makes me feel like I am part of the Mindfulness Exercises community. I'm looking forward to continuing to stay engaged this way.”

Sarah Samaan

Cardiologist, Equestrian, Yoga Teacher for Winding Road Yoga

"I love the Connect platform. Amongst all the wonderful feature, being able to connect with like minded people from all over the world and with the teachers from Mindfulness Exercises by direct message in real time is the highlight for me. I would absolutely recommend it to both the beginners & advanced practitioner & teachers. For beginners there are these Daily Practices as well as monthly practices with worksheets and videos. For advanced practitioners & teachers they have all the live meditations, workshops & retreats in one place. So basically, it's an easy-to-use platform with wonderful limitless resources."

Anisha Maheshwari

Life Coach

I am deeply impressed with the quality of content and community. This space is invaluable to me as I grow my meditation practice, both personally and professionally. I find Connect easy to navigate and the international community is warm, welcoming, and insightful. There are interesting conversations, links to zoom guided meditations and retreats, and engaged community members who seem eager to grow and support the growth of others. This is a sangha developed for the digital age; it is warm, accessible, diverse, and dynamic. I am deeply grateful for Sean Fargo and his team for creating this community.”

Jessica MacLeod

Mindfulness Teacher

What I like about Connect is the welcoming feel of the community. I would recommend it for both practitioners and teachers because there are so many resources for us to learn from, grow with, along with a variety of teachers and experiences. As a practitioner and teacher-in-training, I am grateful for resources that support my unique learning style. I appreciate a community where I can grow alongside practitioners and teachers from all over the world.”

Renay Bloom

Esq., RScP, RYT, CMT

I love having all the live meditations & workshops in one place, so that I can RSVP my presence and also change it to not going anytime. Also a reminder is sent an hour before the event, which is helpful. My second most fav thing is New daily Practice. The main reason would be to connect with like minded people from all over the world and with the teachers from Mindfulness Exercises by direct message.”

Stephanie Dowd

Mindfulness Teacher

There are so many fantastic features, but my favorite so far is being able to make connections with other mindfulness practitioners by asking questions, joining conversations, and getting thoughtful and helpful feedback. It's a fantastic forum with so much content, including ready access to live meditations and feedback from other practitioners.”

Josmara Alvarado

Meditation Instructor

Take your Mindfulness Teaching to the Next Level

Monthly membership


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The membership includes:

  • Member-only spaces for discussion, chat and community
  • Access to 5+ weekly meditations and AMA's with Sean, Sara-Mai, Meg & Jeremy
  • Access to meditations, workshops & retreats focused on deepening your mindfulness and taking your mindfulness trainings to the next level
  • Peer-to-peer and peer-to-teacher messaging
  • Access to curated cohorts of peers
  • Access to growth-oriented daily practices
  • Access to all pre-recorded courses, teacher trainings & workshops ($892 value)

Yearly membership


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The membership includes:

  • Member-only channels & community forums
  • Peer-to-peer and peer-to-teacher messaging
  • Meditations, workshops & retreats focused on deepening your mindfulness and taking your teachings to the next level
  • Access to 5+ weekly meditations and AMA's with Sean, Sara-Mai, Meg & Jeremy 
  • Access to curated cohorts of peers
  • Access to growth-oriented daily challenges
  • Access to all pre-recorded courses, teacher trainings & workshops ($892 value)
Search Inside Yourself Teacher

Community is at the heart of everything we do

Hey, hi, hello! I'm Sean, the mindfulness teacher behind Connect. To me, community is more than a buzzword. It’s my purpose and my business model.

I created Mindfulness Exercises back in 2014. This was the near the beginning of when mindfulness became a buzz word. Mindfulness Exercises quickly became one of the best places to learn the ropes of mindfulness meditation. Since then, Mindfulness Exercises has grown to an audience of over 20 million people.

Sara-Mai, Meg, Jeremy and Amy joined forces with me to create Connect —our first community membership, which launched earlier this year. To date, Connect has served and supported nearly 200 motivated mindfulness teachers.

We’ve lived the journey you are on now. It’s thrilling. It’s hard. It’s worth it. Keep going. And if you like, let us (and our team and community) help you. We’re in this together.

Join us and hundreds of other mindfulness teachers who are enhancing their path thanks to our community.

Connect Community Members

Can I speak with someone about Connect?

Yes. You can email or schedule a 15 minute call with Sean here to discuss your questions.


Is this a Certification Program?

No. This is a social platform where you can connect with other mindfulness professionals and enhance your skills to share mindfulness and meditation.

To certify, register for our Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program here.        

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