Experiencing Windless Days

Experiencing Windless Days


Gil Fronsdal leads a Guided Meditation Dharmette: Windless Days. Walking in a windy day it's almost second nature to be leaning towards the wind.

After a while, the wind dies down, you notice you're exhausting yourself. Then you start to relax and walk in a relax way. Then after a while you notice even walking is tiring in windless space, and realized it's good to sit and not make an effort and look at the views around you.

Then after a while you realize sitting up feels too much effort and decided to lie down, and enjoy looking at the clouds going over is just so good. After a while it seems like looking at the clouds is tiring with the eyes, so you close your eyes and realize it's good. And just enjoyed doing nothing.

You realize you tire of thinking and decided to just stop doing this. After everything is stopped, you realize and start to be aware, and just be.

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