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Sleep Meditation - Ocean Visualization

Sleep Meditation - Ocean Visualization. Today, we'll do a visualization practice, conjuring up an image to help soothe and relax the mind.

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So, welcome back for another guided sleep meditation.
Allowing yourself to get comfortable, taking whatever adjustments you need.
And checking in with your body and letting go of any stress or tension or tightness.

Doing a quick body scan.
And starting at the top of the head and moving down the face, the shoulders, the torso,
abdomen, legs and feet.
Letting the body be heavy.

We can start with a few deep breaths.
So, breathing in deeply, filling the belly and the lungs.
And breathing out slowly.

One more time.
A deep breath in, filling the lungs completely.
And a slow breath out.
Letting all the air out.

Letting the breath return to its natural rhythm.

Sleep Meditation - Ocean Visualization

And this practice today will be a visualization practice, conjuring up an image to help soothe and relax the mind.

And so first connecting with your breathing.
Just the natural breath.
Feeling the in breath and the out breath.
Feeling the gentle rise and fall of the belly.

And now bring to mind the image of a wave crashing into a shore.
Perhaps imagining yourself standing at the edge of a beach.
And the waves are crashing into the shore at your feet.

As you look down at your toes, sinking into the sand and you see the waves spreading over them and then receding back into the ocean.

And linking up the feeling of your breath with the image of the wave crashing into the shore and receding.
And as you breathe in and as you breath out, you can follow the rhythm of the breath with the image of a wave.

Seeing the water come into the shore and then recede.
And the water come in and then recede.

And see if you can stay connected with this movement of the breath and this movement of the water.

Feeling the in breath and feeling the out breath.
Watching the waves come in and watching the waves flow out.

You might envision or imagine yourself laying down in the sand, just at the water’s edge.

And as the tide rolls in, you feel the water touching your body starting at the feet, moving up the legs and the arms until it touches the back of your head.

And then as the water rolls out, moves down the body.
Staying, if you can, with this movement, feeling the water crash in, working its way up your body and then the water pull back into the ocean.

See if you can imagine hearing the ocean waves, the sound of the waves as the water crashes in.
And the sound of the waves as it pulls out.

Feeling the texture of the sand and the water beneath you.
As you look up into the dark night sky.
The stars are overhead.

And the night is calm and peaceful, just the sound of the waves and the feeling of your breath and the stars above.


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