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January 22, 2024

If stress, anxiety or ruminative thoughts are keeping you awake at night, sleep meditation can help. Sleep meditation is a relaxing guided practice you do while lying in bed at night. Unlike daytime meditation, which invites us to remain alert and awake, sleep meditation encourages us to welcome drowsiness and drift off to sleep.

A recent meta-analysis of 18 research studies found that mindfulness meditation significantly improves sleep quality compared to controls. [1] Music too, can help people relax and get a better night’s sleep.[2] The following video combines meditation for sleep with music. May the two together help you let go of worry for a more peaceful night’s rest.

Try Jason Stephenson Guided Sleep Meditation

Jason Stephenson has been sharing guided sleep meditation videos on his YouTube channel for over 15 years. His own transformative experiences with the relaxing practice inspired him to share mindfulness for sleep with others. His popular free sleep meditation practices have since been watched over 1 billion times. 

Jason Stephenson’ guided meditation is partnered with relaxing music to help you fall sleep fast and finally enjoy 100% deep sleep. As you listen, you are invited to drop into the present moment, letting go of any expectations or need for a particular outcome.

Meditation and music for sleeping can help with insomnia and relieve aches and pains and stress or tension - whether or not you fall asleep in this particular session. Trust that as you listen to the meditation and music, your body, mind and soul are getting the rest they need.

Techniques Used in Guided Sleep Meditations

The best guided sleep meditation helps us drop out of the mind and into the body, grounds us in the present moment, and invites us to relax into simply being, accepting this moment just as it is.

  • Quiet the mind: Allow rumination to cease by guiding attention from thoughts to the felt experience of the body.
  • Return to presence: Let continued observation of breath and sensation in the body keep you present with what’s real in this moment.
  • Relax into being: Watch as moment-to-moment presence unfolds into patience, allowing you to let go of doing, and enjoy simply being.

Benefits This Sleep Meditation Can Offer You

In our daily life, our busyness keeps us in constant motion. We operate in a near-continual state of distraction. When we at last sit down to meditate, we can become overwhelmed by the movement of our mind. The same thing happens at bedtime, in the quiet moment as we’re lying in bed, waiting to fall asleep. 

It’s not that the mind becomes more active in these moments. What happens is that in the relative stillness, we finally get to see what the mind has been doing all along. In these moments, we have an opportunity to acknowledge the mind’s busyness and addiction to movement. By observing this energy with kind and caring curiosity, we begin to alter the mind’s habits.

Sleep meditation in particular can play many roles. When we practice meditation to go to sleep, we get to know the mind, we train in presence and patience, and we strengthen the habits that help us relax. 

sleep meditation, Meditation for Sleep Guided by Jason Stephenson

Exploring the Impact of Jason Stephenson's Guided Meditations

In moments of great stress or high fatigue, it can be wonderfully soothing to simply rest back and listen. Guided sleep meditation allows us to drop even the subtle doing that is present in our personal practice. Listening to the voice of another sometimes makes it easier to let go.

Combining sleep meditation with music invites in an added layer of guided relaxation that offers both presence with the vibrations of sound, and an escape. 

Many of us, myself included, have had a lifelong soothing relationship with music. We have grown up using music as a means of accessing emotions, whether to help us feel what we are feeling or to guide us toward feeling something different. Those who connect to music in daily life are more likely to feel soothed by sleep music as well. 

Integrating Jason Stephenson's Meditations into Your Daily Practice

Jason Stephenson found meditation at a time in his life when he was struggling with alcohol and addiction. The types of meditation he offers - guided sleep meditations, meditations for relaxation and sleep meditation music - are particularly beneficial during times of crisis or great stress.

  • Minimize overwhelm: If your meditation goals include stress relief, better sleep, learning to relax or calm the central nervous system, guided meditations can help.
  • Start a daily practice: If you’re new to meditation, guided meditation can be a good place to start. Learn the easy way, by letting someone else lead the practice.
  • Make meditation a habit: Guided meditations before bedtime can help make daily meditation a habit. We all have enough time to push play before bed

Meditation does not change us overnight, but with patience and consistency, it can have a profound impact on how we experience our lives. Explore this and other Jason Stephenson guided meditations for a varied nighttime practice.

It’s common for worry to keep us up at night. Meditation can teach us to let go, but it’s not always easy to practice on our own when overwhelmed with stress. Guided sleep meditation is a relaxing, supportive practice that can help us get the rest we need. Listen and let body, mind and soul return to a balanced state of ease.

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