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Big to Small (to Big)

Big to Small (to Big) - Guided Meditation Script. By the sensations of breathing, you can be aware that any space can be broken down infinitely into smaller and smaller levels of detail.

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Take a comfortable seat in a quiet place where you can be free from distractions
Sit up tall with a neutral spine
And let your arms hang naturally to promote relaxation in your shoulders
Close your eyes, and draw attention to your breath

Breathe evenly and quietly in and out through your nose
If you can, allow each exhale breath to be at least as long as each breath in

Take in the big picture of what you’re doing right now
Just breathing, sitting

Perhaps noticing yourself as if from the outside looking in
See the whole shape of your body, its outer silhouette
Feel the breath moving in, and out

Notice how the whole body moves with each breath in, and each breath out
The whole body is breathing
Shoulders lift, chest expands, belly softens
Take it all in; the big picture of sitting, and breathing

(pause for 5-7 breaths)

Big to Small

And then still present with breath awareness,
Follow the sensation of breath to the specific area of your nose
Feel your breath as it moves in and out through your nostrils
And notice what you can

Keep the attention of your mind on breath as it moves through the nose
Cool air warming as it comes in
Warm air cooling as it goes out
Notice if one nostril is dominant over the other
Or notice if there’s a change
Stay present with whatever it is that you notice about breath moving through the nose

(pause for 5-7 breaths)

And now still present with your attention on the breath,
Zero in even further, to one small area of the nose
Notice the breath just as it moves in and out through the tip of the left nostril
Stay present with this smaller area, holding the mind still there
Notice everything you can about breath in this one spot

Holding space for ‘nothing’ too, if that’s part of what you notice

Feel the movement of breath
Temperature of breath
A smell or a taste to the breath
Noticing every detail you can, but only as the breath moves past this one tiny spot

(pause for 5-7 breaths)

And then can you go further?
With attention to breath,
Can you zero in on a smaller area of sensation?
Could you notice, for example, the breath as it moves past a single nose hair?

Dial in to the tiniest level of awareness that you’re capable of today
Still present with breath, and the sensation of breath as it moves past this one small spot of the nose

(pause for 5-7 breaths)

Wherever the focus of the mind is right now,
Stay with breath, and notice that you could go further
You don’t have to go further, but you could

Notice that this one small area of attention
Could further be broken down into pieces
And then those pieces, are also made up of smaller pieces
And it goes on and on and on

So as you closely inspect sensation in this one small area of the nose
The sensation of breath in, breath out,
You’re aware that this area can be infinitely broken down into smaller and smaller levels of detail

And the deeper you go into each of those levels of detail,
The more you notice the spaciousness that exists
The spaces between each tiny molecule that builds the structure of your nose
The spaciousness of awareness itself, and its infinite capabilities
The spaciousness of your own mind

Rest your mind in that spaciousness
While at the same time, still aware of the breath


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