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January 24, 2017

Ken Wilber presents the practice of hunger mindfulness in this video. He talks about proper ways you can do like assuming the attitude of observing self.

Did you like this Hunger Mindfulness practice?

Also check out this Mindful of Your Food And Eating script. It encourages heightened awareness of one’s experience during a simple bite. Since we don’t often eat in this slow and mindful way, this practice is a powerful application of mindfulness that will spark some interesting conversations around the table.

As a collective, our relationship to food is complex. Over the years we have become disconnected from the food that nourishes us and from our bodies. Mindfulness of eating is a way of re-establishing those lost connections and in turn, promoting our overall health and wellness. This course helps us to better understand hunger (head hunger included) and facilitates our ability to tune into the hunger within.

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