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April 23, 2020
Focus and Eliminating Distractions. We live in a distraction-filled world, where many things are competing for our attention. How to eliminate distractions?
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Here’s a Sample of the “Focus and Eliminating Distractions” Guided Meditation Script:

Focus Session to Eliminate Distractions

[ “…” = 3 seconds]
[ “……..” = 5 seconds]

[start by reading in a normal- medium pace in a pleasant, teaching way of speaking]

Everyone benefits from increasing their focusing abilities…...

Every aspect of your life could use more focus so that you can complete tasks quickly and with high quality…

The first and most important thing to do that increases your focusing abilities is to eliminate any distractions.

We live in a distraction filled world, where many things are competing for our attention…

So let’s begin exploring how to eliminate distractions by allowing yourself to relax very deeply.

Breathing is essential, yet most of us do not notice we are breathing all day long, and some even for many years.

We simply forget that we are breathing…

When we decide to take several breaths on purpose, our bodies appreciate the extra oxygen that is supplied through the bloodstream to our entire system.

[speech slows and becomes very relaxing and calm]

Focus and Eliminating Distractions, Focus and Eliminating Distractions

Take 10 full and deep breaths, allowing for each breath to relax you…

1- breathing deeply, allowing your belly to expand…….. and exhale, letting the air simply escape.

2- take in a full breath of fresh air…….. and let it go, allowing yourself to feel very relaxed.

3- make your breaths meaningful..……. and exhale, just letting the air go.

4- focusing only on your breath…...… and let it go, nothing else matters except breathing.

5- fully focusing on this breath in…..… and when you let it go, you feel extremely relaxed.

6- all of your focus is on your breath…..… letting all of your worries go when you exhale.

7- breathe with passion…..… and exhale letting that wave of relaxation to come over you

8- the only thing that matters is your breath…..…focus on it…..let it come in and go out

9- expand your belly as much as you can as you breathe in……… and exhale, letting your belly fall

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