Don’t Pick It Up and Don’t Reject It

March 24, 2020 Sean Fargo min read

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Gil Fronsdal leads a Guided Meditation Dharmette: Don't Pick it Up and Don't Reject it. How to apply Buddhist practice for particular suffering?

One of the formulations of Buddhism or applications of it or transformations of it is whether particular practice or particular attitude for what represents practice for some Buddhists, and that is the practice of acceptance.

Somehow, the idea of learning how to be accepting and having an accepting awareness is very important for a lot of people here in the United States. And somehow, it releases, relieves some kind of lack of acceptance, sometimes a lot of self-judgement, a lot of self-criticism, lot of reactivity. That is so beneficial, that for some people that is like life changing to learn to how to practice self awareness.

If you study the ancient teachings of the Buddha, you don't find this emphasis on acceptance. It's hard to find it. The teaching of acceptance can lead to a little bit off-centered. Sometimes acceptance becomes complacency, some things should not be accepted.

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