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June 1, 2015

This nine-hour piece of relaxing music for sleep is a soft and restorative backdrop we might use to improve our slumber. Many of us struggle to fall (or to stay) asleep, and yet there are tools we can use to improve the restfulness of these midnight hours. Sleep music is one of these tools, though there are other considerations we will need to make.

How to Fall Asleep with Ease

What do mindfulness and sleep have in common? Well, mindfulness helps to set the stage so that sleep can happen more naturally. And, when the quality of our sleep improves, it increases our capacity to be mindful throughout the day. The two work hand in hand.

We can use mindfulness to fall asleep more easily as it helps to settle the racing mind and nervous system. Whether we use sleep music to relax or any other mindfulness methods (such as deep breathing or body scanning), relaxation is key to resting well at night.

Since there are many root causes that can contribute to our individual sleep concerns, the actions we need to take to fall asleep with ease will vary for each of us. ‘10 Mindfulness Exercises for Sleep’ is a comprehensive guide that introduces us to some of these root causes. Dietary factors, lifestyle habits, underlying conditions, and medications are just some of the reasons we might be struggling to sleep at night.

Sleep Music to Relax & Fall Asleep

Meditation for sleep music comes in two forms: either guided or music-only. Some incorporate mindfulness techniques such as breath awareness, some use binaural beats or mantras, and some are purely instrumental. The best form of relaxing music for sleep is the one that works for you.

Check out this comprehensive guide to using meditation before sleep. It highlights how meditation is an effective tool to fall asleep naturally, noting its ability to reduce stress, increase sleep hormones, and ease the ruminating mind.

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