Are you suffering from insomnia, or having difficulty with falling asleep? This hypnosis utopia sleep meditation will help you fall asleep easily.

30 Minutes of Guided Spoken Meditation, followed by 30 minutes of relaxation sleep music.

Hypnosis Utopia Sleep Meditation

Do you ever lie awake at night with a million thoughts racing through your mind? It’s a common experience for many people.

You do everything you can to unwind late in the day. You close your laptop, turn off your TV, and dim the lights in the hours leading up to bed. Maybe you even take a warm bath, put on a bit of relaxing music, or drink a cup of herbal tea. You might even do a bit of relaxing yoga, attempting to slow your breathing and gradually bring your body into a state of readiness for sleep.

Unfortunately, these tricks don’t always work for everyone. While your body may indeed calm down and be ready for sleep, your mind doesn’t follow suit. No matter what you do, you find yourself lying in bed, thinking about all of the things that happened to you today and all of the things that you need to do tomorrow. Even traditional mindfulness exercises don’t seem to help.

Fall Asleep Naturally and Easily 

If you have trouble with falling asleep, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from sleep issues, and it’s not for lack of trying to find a solution. Many people turn to medications as a last resort. Unfortunately, sleep medications can have negative side effects — some of which can even outweigh the medications’ benefits.

In order to provide relief and assistance to those suffering from issues with sleeping, we’re offering this free guided hypnosis meditation. In this guided hypnosis session, you’ll be taken on a gentle journey into a deep, relaxed, meditative state to help prepare you for sleep. After roughly 30 minutes of spoken guided meditation, you’ll be lulled into a deeper sleep with another half an hour of relaxing, sleep supporting music. We hope you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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