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January 9, 2015
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Acknowledging our accomplishments is not something that comes easy to most of us. Often, we are taught that to acknowledge what we are good at is contrary to humility. However, in order to truly appreciate who we are and what we have to offer, it is important that we are able to honor our gifts and to recognize our successes - both small and large. This mindfulness worksheet on appreciating our accomplishments is a wonderful tool to explore mindfulness in the workplace. It can be used in a group setting or as an individualized and private exercise.

How to Appreciate Our Accomplishments

This mindfulness worksheet invites us to mindfully reflect upon the day’s accomplishments. It encourages us to become conscious of where we succeed and what goes well in our work lives (though it can be applied to any facet of life). We can appreciate our accomplishments through a variety of practices, including but not limited to:

  • Completing this reflective exercise after a day of work, individually or as a team
  • Journaling each night about what we succeeded at during the day
  • Exploring guided meditations for confidence and self-love
  • Reflecting upon our definition of success and considering how we can broaden that definition

Appreciating our accomplishments is not about boasting or putting our successes above those of others. It is simply about recognizing what we have to offer, what we succeed at, and where there may be room to grow.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Bringing our accomplishments to light, as well as the accomplishments of others, is one way of exploring mindfulness for the workplace. The more we are able to mindfully uplift ourselves and to uplift others, the more harmonious our work environment becomes. This mindfulness worksheet is a simple and effective tool to help employees recognize how they positively contribute to the corporate culture at large. This mindfulness practice can be incorporated into team meetings and group reviews

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Nicole is a meditator, poet, and freelance writer (in no specific order). The last two years of her life have been strongly dedicated to her meditation practice and deepening her self-awareness. She is an American temporally living in Montréal with her fiancée currently planning the next chapter of their life.