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October 3, 2015

Ajahn Sucitto leads a guided walking meditation. It’s not just the legs, when you are mindfully walking, the hips, shoulders, body, feet, flow along.

Guided Walking Meditation, by Ajahn Sucitto:


So, let’s take some time to be in standing position. Then look at some ___. First of all, just come into standing. So you go from sitting to standing where your body will be upright. Give it a few moments so you feel your awareness and there in the body, into the flow. This means that you have a clear sense of the legs, the feet, the flows of the whole body and we sit a lot, with a tendency to be with the body. It’s just this. You have a move, but it’s just this, or just this. And we stand up for a few moments. Let the awareness come down into the ___ and the body into the flow, so you feel like following an instance steady. And also, aware of around the body. So you have this, you have this, and since you are around the body, it’s that comfortable.

So let’s create some space for walking unless we are going to use this room for walking, or suggest that, if you look at the room, it’s divided into. We have one side of the side walking across half the room. Yes. Mainly to push the cushions around. This’ll be the last period before the meal. Yes. So, if you can find walking across the room or roughly so we’re not walking into each other. So if one stopped about here, ___ here, or the people start. They’ll be from here, so we have some ___ stop here until there. Almost from here, about here. And so if we have enough space around you or this much, it’s a feel of your moving against each other. That’s good. Yes. Unless there’s a kind of enough separation between arose. How does that feel?

Some take a little while to get organized. So, when we do walking, there’s no particular, you can use any variety of techniques or systems. ___ is to ___ until you feel the whole body working. And we have enough space, sense of enough space around you so you don’t feel too compressed. So when we walk, and walk in this, how does walking—we come into one leg. We lift the other leg, we swing it. We notice if you walk in a balance way as your right hip comes ___ right shoulder comes back a little bit to counter-balance. So walking is quite like fluid. Yes? And we walk quite slowly. And quite small walk if you’d like to walk. And you see a way that the shoulders, the hip and the shoulders, how they move, so the whole body is walking. It’s not just the legs, but when you are mindfully walking, everything, hips, shoulders, body, feet, flowing along. Yes? And also, walking is really becoming, get clearer about it. ___ the foot come along to the ground and wait coming along to the leg, so the walking is also like slightly like this, you know, rising up, coming down. So it’s a lift. It’s not much, but just a little bit of lifting so the overall experience is quite fluid. So, we’ll encourage you to find a way of walking that feels comfortable for yourselves and we’ll practice with this and we feel you’ll need some more room, you can move these at a bit further, and also, first we’re sitting here this morning.

Unless you begin walking, you stand, feeling that whole body standing, nearly movement, and bringing yourself, your potential within the movement. If you find your mind runs out, stop. Standing. Also, try to relax around your eyes until, you know, until you get to the end of your walking. Track. Stop. Gain the standing position. Check a few breaths, turn. And then continue walking again. Walking the other way. If you see how that feels. Contemplate in the movement, the experience of movement, sensations and energy in your body. So just take a break, pause. If you want to stand, you can stand. Or if you want to sit in a chair, just relax for a few moments. So ___, ___ covers everything. So when your body is walking, or standing, strong or weak, relaxing, lying down, stretching, just being in your body with that, ___ changes. So remember to just also recognize that you have this four more exercises and then there’s time when nothing much, just relax. Let the energy relax often, so you get a time to just feel the results. Practice. Let the energy settle. We’re doing some very powerful work. You train yourselves this way, so you also have some time just to rest, relax, to let everything settle down, feel comfortable.

And then one thing is, as you relax, just stay, just feeling the body, the energy, and again, just to stop the mind spinning, running away all night. Think clearly. Let the body. Just be… the organs, the bones, consider it. Give it some ___ reflection. We might spend some time just cultivating beautiful mentor qualities, such as kindness towards yourselves, towards others, ___.

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