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June 12, 2015

A lot of the practice is really very light touch of remembering to be mindful. Listen and join on this guided meditation by Alexis Santos.

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Guided meditation by Alexis Santos:

A lot of the practice is really very light touch of remembering to be mindful. We might say that any given moment it’s not difficult to remember the present experience. So notice the sensations of the breathing. Perhaps, do recognize that the body is sitting in this posture whatever is obvious. Noticing the sounds arising and passing. So effortless. Of hearing. So we’re connecting with this moment of experience to remember what’s happening. That hearing is happening. That the body is sitting here.

It’s very effortless. Light. Touch. It’s possible to continue practicing without tension. You can drop the question in, “Am I aware?” What am I aware of? What am I noticing? So this way, we are cultivating the quality of mindfulness moment by moment. Supporting the momentum of awareness.

(long pause)

___ of the mind is to be distracted. For the awareness to be weak. My job is again to notice, bring attention, nothing to force or create, some gentle reminder, supporting this habit of mind the tendency to be aware, to be awake this moment.

(long pause)

And we know it again, you might check, see if the mind is aware. You can ask, Am I aware? And then remembering that the experience that’s arising in the heart and mind in the body is a simple experience that can be known in this moment. So even if the heart feels tight, and unpleasant, or anxious experience, our practice is to know that it is arising. No need to judge, to change. Our practice is to support the awareness moment by moment without creating tension or struggle.

(long pause)

What is the mind doing? Is awareness present? Where is the attention?


This first hour of retreat are the worst. Did you feel that way? Don’t give up. So, some time for some walking. And then 11:30, just a reminder, if you have some questions, in the hall, we’ll come back together at that time. Okay. Enjoy this lovely day, in whichever way that it’s presenting itself to you, and it’s not always pleasant when we sit down and sit with our own experience, but things settle. We get better at opening to the way things are. So, see you in about 45 minutes.

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