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Jack Kornfield leads Peaceful Meditation to those mostly beginning in the practice of meditation. He teaches to feel the breath as it rises and fall.

This peaceful meditation by Jack Kornfield is a recording from Spirit Rock’s Monday night sitting group. It is perfect for beginners, focusing on some of the most direct mindfulness meditation techniques. As you listen to this meditation, simply open your heart and mind to the transformation that this simple practice is capable of.

Focusing on the Present Moment

Through tuning into the present moment through simple techniques such as breath awareness, full body awareness, and compassionate practice, we gain a sense of the peaceful stillness that rests beneath all of our movements (both mental and physical). This peaceful meditation is a great way to begin relating to our emotions, our thoughts, and our physical experience of the world in new ways, helping us to ease whatever stress or tension we may be carrying. The more consistently we practice, the more profound the positive implications will be.

Developing Your Personal Practice

As you develop your personal mindfulness practice, it can be useful to explore a wide range of different mindfulness exercises to help you gain a better understanding of the different techniques available. You might also consider enrolling in the free 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge, which will provide you with daily practices of different themes and focuses, including relaxation, compassion practices, open awareness, body awareness, breath awareness, and more.

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