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March 21, 2017

Jack Kornfield leads a guided meditation on emotions. Allow yourself to rest into the space of loving-awareness to acknowledge your strong emotions.

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Emotions are one of the most confusing and challenging of human experiences. In fact, most of our difficulties are rooted deeply in the emotional landscape. This guided meditation on emotions by Jack Kornfield helps us to gain a better understanding of the nature of emotions, witnessing them as being energy bodies that move through us but are not a part of us.

Guided Meditation on Emotions as Passing Waves

The moment you recognize an emotion in open awareness, you turn the emotion into practice. This, Kornfield explains, is ‘wise effort.’ The more we practice witnessing and recognizing rising emotions for what they are, the less likely we are to become swept up by their current. Emotions become more like passing waves as we practice embracing a larger perspective. We might say that we become the entire ocean rather than the waves themselves.

Loving Awareness of Emotions

When a difficult emotion moves through us, we can note its presence as a challenging experience and bless it with loving awareness and compassion. We often forget to be kind towards ourselves when we are experiencing difficult emotions. Instead, we might have a tendency to move into judgment, guilt, blame, or shame. If this is the case for us, we can harness our capacity for self-love and compassion through a variety of loving kindness and compassion exercises.

Download this Audio Meditation for Free, Just Enter Your First Name and Email Address:

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