How to Know which is Skillful in the Moment

March 24, 2020 Sean Fargo min read

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Gil Fronsdal leads a Guided Meditation Dharmette: Resolve/Allow Learning How to Know which is Skillful In The Moment. Resolve is a beautiful quality.

If we practice resolve, we might be successful in following through on our resolves. We might also if we figure out how to do resolve in a healthy way, resolve is a beautiful quality of the heart and mind that we can nourish and support it by variety of benefits.

Resolve can build strength, kind of building a muscle. And so that if we practice resolve we develop a greater capacity for resolve, so when we come into situation in life that's quite challenging so we can stay resolved in a situation normally we would just collapsed or given-up or overwhelmed.

The purpose of the practice, doing in itself and how we do it and building the capacity so we can carry into situations.

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