Jack Kornfield talks about Beauty, Hope, and Fear. The real beauty is inner beauty. If your heart is pure, then all things in the world are pure.

This mindfulness talk and guided meditation is shared with us by Jack Kornfield. In this meditative talk, he explores the themes of beauty, hope, and fear. In listening to this, we might reflect: How have these themes been lost or taken hold of by our modern day cultures? Can we retrain ourselves to look for true beauty? And, what is real beauty?

A Beautiful State of Mind

Real beauty comes from a beautiful state of mind. When we embody this sense of beauty within, peace, contentment and happiness rise from our depths, radiating outwards to touch all we interact with.

When we brings ourselves to this state of being, we send out ripples effects that offer the same inner light to every individual or other being that we engage with. The more we practice mindfulness exercises, the stronger our intuitive understanding of this grows.

Self-Reflection on Beauty, Hope and Fear

What places, states of practices, and people help you to connect to the beauty in life? As we honour real beauty and tune into the true contentment it brings to our inner world, we naturally begin to nourish the manifestations of life that help to raise our spirits.

After listening to this meditation, you might take five to ten minutes of silence, tuning into the peaceful state within you as you inquire: what practices, people, and places help me to experience this sense of hope and beauty, and how may I serve them and myself wholeheartedly?

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