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Imagining Your Tree of Knowledge

Imagining your tree of knowledge is a guided meditation script that aids one to gain insight and inspiration to higher knowledge and wisdom.

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See yourself standing in a beautiful field of gold or green

Look down at your feet and notice you are barefoot

It feels good to connect to mother earth and your feet start to tingle

You close your eyes and feel the warm sun on your face

There is a gentle breeze blowing and you stretch your arms out either side of you and feel the breeze sweep over your body

The breeze picks up a little and as it does you know that it is cleansing you of any worries or burdens

It is clearing away any heaviness any sickness or any sadness you have been holding on to

Allow yourself a few moments now to let the breeze fully cleanse you - mind, body, soul, emotions and aura

pause for a minute or so...

You are now feeling clean and refreshed, cleansed and cleared

Take a deep cleansing breathe and in your minds eye, see yourself open your eyes

Before you a path starts to form

Take in the details of the path.

What is it made from?

Is it narrow or wide?

Is it winding or straight?

The path is leading into a forest and you start walking on the path towards the forest

In a short while you arrive at the forest and you continue walking into the forest

The forest feels alluring and magical and you notice that all of your senses seem to sharpen as you walk further into the forest

Your eyesight becomes crystal clear and sharp, you become highly attuned to sound and your feeling and knowing is more intense than ever before

You take a moment to look around you and fully appreciate your surrounds with your heightened senses

pause for a minute or so...

Imagining Your Tree of Knowledge

You feel wonderful and uplifted as you continue to walk through the forest

Up ahead you notice the forest starts to thin as it opens into a clearing

As you approach the clearing you notice it is lighter and brighter than the forest and has a calm and peaceful energy

You notice a very large tree and you are magnetically drawn to walk towards the tree

As you get closer you sense and feel that this tree is ancient and wise

It has very large roots all around that are growing down deep into the earth and the trunk is wide and majestic looking.

At the front of the trunk is a beautiful big door with a very old lock on it

You arrive at the tree and you stand there in awe noticing the size, shape, branches, leaves and textures of this magnificent tree.

You realise that this tree is very familiar and you have been here many times before

This tree is your tree of knowledge and inside it contains all the answers to all the questions you have ever wanted to know

As you stand there looking at the tree you become aware of a key you are holding in your hand and you realise you have been holding it all along

You put the key into the lock and you easily open the door and step inside

Inside is a small room that has an energy about it that feels like home and you feel very safe and very relaxed here

The room has nothing in it but a soft glowing light that is radiating from above.

This light will be a different colour each time you come here but is always perfect for you at the time

Notice the colour of the light today and spend a moment soaking in the healing benefits of this light

pause for a minute or so...

See, feel or just know that this light is working it’s magic on you and allow yourself to fully accept the healing colour your intuitive self has chosen for you today

This room is also where you ask your higher self to now lead the way

Your higher self is that part of you that is wise, eternal and pure.

It is the divine and sacred aspect of you

Your higher self always wants what is best for you as she is you – the all knowing you without any earthly or ego attachments

Connect with that energy of her now and start to feel the empowerment from aligning with your true and authentic self

Take a deep breath in and slowly exhale as you feel the connection deepen

Continue to breathe - slowly and naturally, breathing in and breathing out

Walk towards the back of the room now and notice a staircase leading either up or down, whatever your higher-self shows you is right

There are seven steps that lead to another room and you take your first step and start to climb either up or down

As you slowly take each step your excitement starts to grow as you draw closer to the room and start to remember being here before

You have now reached the room and you see that it has no door, for it is always open for you. You walk straight in

The room is round and well lit and from floor to ceiling it is filled with books

In the centre of the room is an old wooden table and a big comfortable chair

You feel a sense of peace in this room and you know you have been here many times before.

The books are your own personal books of wisdom and you have access to them now

You sit at the table and make yourself comfortable in the chair

pause for a moment...

Close your eyes and think of a question you need an answer for, or a solution to a problem you may have, or you may need confirmation around something.

You may just simply want to ask ‘what do I need to know right now?’

Ask your higher self to select a book for you now

When you open your eyes there is a book in front of you

Notice the cover of the book, is there a title?

What colour is your book?

What condition is the book in?

Open the book and read the message that is in the book for you

You may not see words; you might get a sense or a feeling of what the message is or you might have a knowing of what the message is or you may hear your message

Pay attention to anything at all that is happening right now Big or Small as messages are often very subtle

You may even have a pet or a loved one in spirit that connects with you now

Sit with this for a few moments and when you feel ready ask your higher self to take the book and place it back on the shelf for you

pause for a minute or so...

Spend a moment reflecting on your experience with your book

When you are ready ask your higher self to lead you back up or down the staircase

As you walk slowly up or down each step let the memory of your message fully assimilate into your being

When you reach the top or the bottom of the staircase and are back in the small room thank you higher self for assisting you today

Bask in the colour of the soft light in the room one more time

And when you are ready step out of the door and close it behind you

Give thanks to your tree of knowledge and know that you always have the key with you and you can visit here again any time you want to

Start walking from the clearing and towards the forest

Walk back along the path and through the forest

You are feeling light and refreshed and you reflect again upon your message as you make your way to the edge of the forest

You step out of the forest and follow your path back towards the field

You arrive at the field and once again feel the warmth of the sun and the earth beneath your feet

You take a few deep breaths and start to bring your awareness back to the room, back to the chair you are sitting on.

You notice the sounds around you, and you wriggle your fingers and toes and when you are ready – open your eyes

Allow yourself the time that you need to fully return to the physical environment.

Have a sip of water if you can

If you have a journal or notepad it’s a great idea to write down all you can remember from your meditative journey today, as like dreams they are easily forgotten


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