The 3 Minute Breathing Space Meditation

March 15, 2018 Sean Fargo min read

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Breathing space meditation is always being taught in mindfulness. Why do we need to return to breathing when we need space? Being aware of breathing brings a lot into focus, like a sense of acceptance and awareness.

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How to do breathing space meditation

Bring Awareness - The first step is to become aware of your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. 

Focus on Your Breath The second step is to focus your attention to the breathing. You can check our 6 Mindful Breathing Exercises. The breath carries us through our sleeping and waking life without the need for our conscious control. Enhancing our awareness of this innate life-giving force through a variety of mindful breathing exercises can improve our lives in countless ways. 

Expand to Your Body Now, the last step is to bring your awareness from your breath and expand your consciousness to include your body. 

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