Although 7 chakras have a bad reputation in the western world (understandably, considering the way they are often taught), there seems to be a general misunderstanding in the way we approach them. More than a mystical system superimposed on our body, the chakra system was originally an ancient way of mapping emotions within the human body – that is, of noting down where they seemed more prominent.

To give some perspective: we all know that when we are anxious or tense, we tend to get stomach cramps or a tightness in our chest; when we can't solve an intellectual problem, we tend to get a headache; when we are afraid, we tend to feel dread in the pit of our stomach; and when we are sad, we tend to get a knot in our throat. Likewise, people mapped physical responses to various aspects of the human experience in the chakras system. By working with a specific chakra, we are able to evoke those specific sensations so that they can be experienced (“unblocked”) and let go. 

One way of doing this is using mantras, feeling them in the relevant part of our body. In this way, we disengage our rational mind that’s always trying to control our experience and give our body the freedom to experience those emotions freely.

The 7 chakras chants and mantras below are a wonderful tool for doing this. 

They are:

  • Root Chakra Seed Mantra – LAM Chanting Meditation
  • Sacral Chakra Seed Mantra – VAM Chanting Meditation
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Seed Mantra – RAMM Chanting Meditation
  • Heart Chakra Seed Mantra – YAM Chanting Meditation
  • Throat Chakra Seed Mantra – HAM Chanting Meditation
  • Third Eye Chakra Seed Mantra – OM Chanting Meditation
  • Crown Chakra Seed Mantra – AH Chanting Meditation

When used with focus on the specific chakra they refer to, these mantras and vibrations help evoke the emotions that come with that specific chakra, so that we can experience them freely and letting them go.

Give these chakra chants a try. You might be surprised about the results.

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