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Mindfulness While Talking With Others

Mindfulness while speaking with others is a guided meditation script that aids you in bringing awareness to what you are saying & how it may impact others.

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Here’s A Sample Of The “Mindfulness While Speaking With Others” Guided Meditation Script:

Humans are social creatures.

Rarely does a day go by where you don’t interact with anyone—

maybe you have a family, live with a roommate,
or engage with people during work hours.

When you talk,
you can bring mindfulness to what you are saying,
how it may impact others,
and what your intentions are.

This exercise takes just a few minutes,
and you can utilize it anytime.

Do this once or twice a day while on the phone,
talking with a loved one, or during any social Interaction. 

Mindfulness While Speaking with Others

Before speaking, bring mindfulness to your intentions.

Ask yourself why you are going to say whatever you plan on saying.

Examine the possibility of saying it with even more kindness or patience.

Consider whether your words are timely and useful in this moment.

We often gossip, interrupt, or talk simply to avoid uncomfortable silences.

Think about whether or not this is the appropriate time to talk and what purpose your words will serve.

If it’s possible that your words will put somebody else down, interrupt a person currently speaking, or ring as untrue, try reconsidering your choice of words. 

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