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Releasing Grief And Bringing In The Positive

Releasing Grief & Bringing in the Positive. For times of grief, it can be helpful to allow what’s there to be & to open into a space of wonder & gratitude.

“I wish that life should not be cheap, but sacred. I wish the days to be as centuries, loaded, fragrant.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

For times of grief, it can be helpful to
Allow what’s there to be there
And to open into a space of wonder and gratitude.

You may ask:
How do you allow what’s there to be there
When we feel very challenged by something,
all we can do sometimes
is to simply wait it out,
to be with our actual feelings as they happen,
To experience them in the body,
And to let them flow.

Often times, it means allowing yourself to cry,
To express yourself to a friend,
And to allow yourself to grief,
With all of the complex emotions that want to present themselves.

In a safe, protected place with loving people by your side,
It can be very healing to allow yourself to fall apart.
To sense the humility in yourself,
knowing that many terrible things have happened in the past
and will happen in the future,
And that you have the courage to acknowledge your losses,
To know it’s a cycle of life,
That we’re all imperfect.

You ride the waves of grief
with mindfulness and self-compassion.
Over and over.
Breath by breath.
There is no way to know when grief will end.
But with caring presence, it will.

It’s also important to remember
that what is moving through the mind
is part of a vast, complex physical and mental process
which has many sources.

As you know,
Grief has its own way of unfolding.
No one can plan it, or get rid of it.

Sooner or later,
it can feel appropriate to want to let go,
to release those heavy feelings.

Sometimes the grief might be so heavy
that we have to set it down for a while,
take a walk outside,
eat some healthy food,
talk with a friend,
watch something funny,
Play with an animal,
anything positive that doesn’t remind you of your sadness.
Being a friend to yourself will give you the energy
You need to come back to process your grief

After that,
it can become possible to bring awareness to some of the positive aspects of life,
which can empower you
To see more of your mental experience more clearly
and also to feel your bodily sensations more viscerally.

All the while, if it’s meaningful,
there can be an underlying sense of the unknown,
the uncertain,
the mystery of life,
in which we find ourselves in the middle of,
With a sense of wonder and gratitude.

It’s important to be loving
in ways large and small
like a balm to your own heart.

Releasing Grief And Bringing In The Positive

And to reflect on and receive the caring support of others.

So with all of that in mind,
Let’s do a guided mindfulness exercise.


Begin by finding a posture that feels relaxed and alert..
(standard setup)

And now see if you can observe your mind
And your body
From a small distance,
Allowing the sensations to be however they are...

Try not to be negative about anything that doesn’t feel good...

And after a while,
shift into gently releasing the negative

And then really open to and encourage the positive.

And remember that you can bring attention to feeling the positive
even when sadness
or other feelings are also present

Opening to wonder...
And gratitude...
For the mysterious ways that life unfolds...
As we allow our grief to unfold
Alongside our kind awareness.

Wonderful work.

So, to recap:

For times of grief, it can be helpful to
Allow what’s there to be there
Try to limit what is painful or harmful
Try to do what is more enjoyable and beneficial
And to open into a space of wonder and gratitude.

Thank you for your courage
To be WITH your grief
With caring awareness,
That is mindfulness.

So thank you for your mindfulness practice!


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