The Problem with Over-Friendly People

Friendliness is a great virtue, but over-friendliness can be a social disaster. If you are one of the over friendly people, this video is for you.

Friendliness is a great virtue. Over-friendliness can be an unexpected problem. For gifts and more from The School of Life, visit our online shop:

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“There is a particularly poignant way to be a social disaster: through over-friendliness, a pattern of behaviour driven by the very best of motives which ends up feeling as irritating as outright rudeness. We meet the over friendly people at the office, laughing at the jokes of the senior management; behind the desk at the hotel, wishing Sir or Madam a highly enjoyable stay and across the table on a first date, lavishly endorsing their would-be partner’s every opinion about recent books and films.…”

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