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Mindfulness of Speech Meditation

Mindfulness of Speech Meditation. Say silently to yourself, “I commit to using my words to bring people together & avoid divisive speech”.

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Here’s A Sample Of The “Mindfulness of Speech Meditation” Guided Meditation Script:

Sit comfortably in a quiet place where you can be free from distractions
Sit up tall by comfortably grounding your hips and then lengthening your spine
Allow spaciousness in your chest by slightly shifting your shoulders down and back
Let your arms relax with your palms resting easily in your lap

Breathe quietly in and out through your nose
With your eyes closed, notice your breath

Take a moment to settle in, as you feel the breath moving from your nostrils
Up towards the crown of your head
And then down past your throat
Past your chest, and down into your belly
Maintain an easy and relaxed breath

(pause 3 breaths)

Now draw awareness to your throat
Visualize a warm and glowing red or blue light at the throat chakra
The throat chakra is located behind your Adam’s apple and in front of your spine

Mindfulness of Speech Meditation

Or wherever you feel a tiny knot of energy in the throat area
Picture this light here as alive, pulsing, and vibrating
A red or blue orb of energy, or like a horizontal disc made of light

And then hold awareness in this area,
As you make your way through the following commitments and contemplations

Begin by silently to yourself, “I commit to always telling the truth”
Contemplate what that means to you,
All the while, aware of sensation in your body, and in the throat.
Notice what arises, as you promise to be truthful
Notice if there’s resistance or tightness in the body, is there any closing off?
And notice too if there’s a feeling of lightness, opening, spaciousness
“I commit to always telling the truth”

(pause 3-5 breaths)

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