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Alleviate Stress with Three Deep Breaths

Alleviate Stress with Three Deep Breaths. This script guides the listener to adopt a simple stress release technique – that is, taking three deep breaths. It also includes positive affirmations that can help to shift the subconscious mind.

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[voice at the beginning of the session is serious yet calm and soothing, speaking at a slower yet comfortable speed] (words that are underlined should be emphasized and said with great passion)

Begin by taking a deep breath and hold it for 5 seconds…(pause for 5 seconds)…exhale and relax…(pause for 5 seconds)...take another deep breath, as deep as you can, and hold it, count for 5 seconds…(pause for 5 seconds) and as you exhale just imagine blowing out all of your stress…(pause for 5 seconds)...take a third deep breath and hold it…(pause for 5 seconds)...and as you exhale you blow out any stress you’ve been holding on to, saying to yourself “relax now”

[pause for 3 seconds, speaking now with confidence and at a normal pace of speech]

This is your new solution to stress.

Whenever you become stressed in the future, you simply take 3 fully in and deep breaths, holding it at the top of the inhalation for 5 seconds, and when you exhale, blow out any stresses that you feel.

And on the third breath as you exhale you simply say to yourself, relax now.

[Pause for 5 seconds] [speaking slowly with a soothing and gentle voice]

[Body Scan Induction]

Alleviate Stress With Three Deep Breaths

Begin by slowly blinking your eyes, and with each number I say, blink once. (pause for 3 seconds in between each number) 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and 0.

Allow your eyes to gently close, and when you do this you feel a wave of relaxation sweep over you.

[speaking even slower now]

Now I’d like for you to focus on the sensations at the top of your head.

Just notice how the very top of your head feels.

[Pause for 5 seconds]

And now let your focus move down to your eyes.

Just notice how your eyes feel and ask them to relax even more.

The little movement in your eyes is called rapid eve movement and is completely normal.

These small eye movements allow for you to feel calm.

Notice how the back of your head feels against the surface that it is touching.

How heavy does your head feel right now?

[Pause for 5 seconds]

Let your focus move to your nose, and feel the slight sensations of the air moving in and out with your breath.

When you breathe in, imagine that you are being filled with calmness, and when you breathe out, imagine your body feels heavy and deeply relaxed.

Very good.

[Pause for 5 seconds]

Now focus on your ears. Notice how they feel, and what they hear around you.

Try to hear every single noise.

When sounds come into your ears they act as little waves of relaxation taking you even deeper.

Notice the sound of my voice and how soothing and motherly it is.

From here forward you can only hear my voice guiding you.

All other sounds passing though only take you deeper into a state of relaxation.

[Pause for 5 seconds]

Now focus on your mouth, how does it feel?

And what do you notice?

Can you sense the flavor of something you recently tasted?

Perhaps you can imagine biting into a fresh slice of lemon, and you notice how your mouth waters.

Very good.

[Pause for 5 seconds]

And move your focus down now to your neck, and if there is any tension just ask it to release a little more.

Notice how your neck feels right now, and just feel all of the sensations in your neck.

[Pause for 5 seconds]

Now focus on your shoulders and move your attention slowly going down each arm, down all the way to each fingertip.

What are your fingertips touching right now?

Feel the sensations on your fingertips….(pause for 3 seconds)


[Pause for 5 seconds]

Allow your focus to go to your chest, relaxing this area, as well as your upper back.

And if you notice any tension, just ask it nicely to release just a little.

Now imagine you are focusing on your heart, and feeling it beating strongly, supporting you.

Relax your heart and notice how good it feels to do so.

[Pause for 5 seconds]

And now focus on your lungs.

Feel them gently expanding and contracting with your breath, delivering oxygen to your body.

[Pause for 5 seconds]

Allow your focus to move down your vital organs and digestive system.

Just notice your belly and how it feels, just observe it working and digesting effortlessly for you.

Now notice your lower back and how it is pressing against the surface you are on, and if you feel any tension just say, please relax just a little more.

[Pause for 5 seconds]

Focus now on your pelvis and hips and notice any sensations you are having there.

This takes you even deeper into a state of relaxation.

Allowing your focus to move down each leg now, slowly relaxing those as well.

Your legs have been taking you so many places over the years and they deserve to fully relax.

[Pause for 5 seconds]

Notice this wonderful wave of relaxation moving down to your knees and down your lower legs, all the way to your feet and the very tip of each toe…(pause for 3 seconds)

Good, you are doing so well.

[Pause for 5 seconds]

Now that you have relaxed your body so well, I am going to count down from 10, and with each descending number your conscious mind will relax even more so, letting go of any beliefs that hold you back from your goal.

Imagine that you are standing at the top of a set of stairs and when I begin counting, you will walk down the stairs.

Ok (pause 3 seconds between each number) 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and zero.

[Pause for 5 seconds]

Good, it‘s natural that your conscious mind give less and less importance to the words that I’m saying, allowing your subconscious mind to be present right now.

[pause for 3 seconds]

From now on you choose to be relaxed…(pause for 3 seconds) You choose to be calm…(pause for 3 seconds)…

You choose to be in control of all you do because your health is very important to you.

[pause for 3 seconds]

Remember that it is natural for you to be healthy and happy.

It is unnatural for you to have sickness and misery.

[Pause for 5 seconds]

Now hear yourself saying:

[lower the tone of voice and speak very slowly now, with great confidence]

Each day, in every way, I get better and better.

[pause for 5 seconds]

In order to make change I challenge myself.

[pause for 5 seconds]

Change is not comfortable, in fact it is inconvenient, so if I feel comfortable with the change I am making, I am probably not extending myself enough.

[pause for 5 seconds]

When I have a negative thought, I acknowledge that I feel this way and then I release it.

When another negative thought arises, I catch it quickly and I say with confidence, I acknowledge that part of me feels this way, but this thought does not help me right now.

[pause for 5 seconds]

Each day, in every way I get better and better.

[pause for 5 seconds]

Whenever I am presented with feelings of stress, I know my breath is there to soothe me and guide me into relaxation.

[pause for 5 seconds]

Every single day, I become more aware of all the good things going on in my community, and in the world around me.

[pause for 5 seconds]

When I feel that darkness is surrounding me, I know that the way to see light is to take 3 deep breaths, relaxing my mind and body by doing so.

[pause for 5 seconds]

Each day, in every way I get better and better.

[pause for 5 seconds]

In order to make great change, I challenge my thoughts.

[pause for 5 seconds]

From now on I challenge every single negative and unproductive thought that arises.

[pause for 5 seconds, pace of speech returns to normal and is spoken with seriousness]

From this point forward, whenever you find yourself having negative unproductive thoughts, you will immediately say to yourself the word STOP…..

Let me repeat that to you so that it is perfectly clear…. whenever you find yourself having negative unproductive thoughts you will immediately say to yourself the word STOP, and as soon as you say the word STOP you'll find that the negative thoughts you were having will just disappear.

This gives you the opportunity to start a new positive thought process.

[pause for 5 seconds, speech is now positive and uplifting, supporting the listener]

How do you feel?

Notice how you feel right now and take great note of exactly how you feel, right now.

Good, now let’s come to conscious awareness, bringing back everything that you learned today for the better.

[speech when counting is always very slow]

1, slowly coming back to the present moment

2, (pause for 3 seconds)

3, (pause for 3 seconds)

4, feeling fresh, new energy coming in as you breathe

5, (pause for 3 seconds)

6, (pause for 3 seconds)

7, bringing back all that you have learned today

8, (pause for 3 seconds)

9, almost there

And 10. (pause for 3 seconds) Welcome back.

[pause for 5 seconds, speech is now positive and uplifting, again supporting the listener]

Good…(pause for 3 seconds)

You are doing very powerful work by practicing this meditation daily, without skipping a day, for at least 21 consecutive days.

[pause for 3 seconds]

This is the way you change your life for the better.

[pause for 3 seconds]

Thank you, and good job today.


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