The Fruits of Practice

August 9, 2016 Sean Fargo min read

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Jack Kornfield talks about the Fruits of Practice. A greater sense of well-being in the body, it comes from loving-awareness, mindfulness & balance.

This talk explores the fruits of meditation practice. What are the opportunities that arise from meditation practice and how can we embody the wisdom, compassion, and insights that arise through these practices?

Embodying Wisdom, Compassion, and Mindfulness

Noticeable changes begin to take place in brain structure and in genetics in only a short period of continued mindfulness meditation practice. Consistency is important as it helps us to naturally evolve alongside our practice until we reach the point where embodiment flows more effortlessly into our experience.

Daily meditation is practice – practice for the unavoidable waves of life that will continually cross our paths so long as we are in this human form. Every wave that comes is another opportunity to become mindful, and the more we practice, the easier it will become to find flow with these waves of life.

Growing Your Mindfulness: Fruits of Practice

The free 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge is an opportunity for you to strengthen your practice through your commitment to make mindfulness a daily experience. Requiring approximately fifteen minutes of each day for 100 days, this free challenge provides you with resources to assist your inner exploration at whatever time of day best suits you. 

Covering themes including compassion, anxiety, forgiveness, pain, and happiness (among dozens of others), this offering will strengthen your understanding of how to apply mindfulness to all life experiences.

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