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August 24, 2016

Tara Brach talks about Stress, Relaxation, and Freedom. To be free is to be without the anxiety of imperfection. Stress is a form of violence towards self.

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This talk by Tara Brach explores our very human experiences of stress and anxiety and looks at how we can move through these experiences to reach freedom and relaxation. As we listen to this talk, we gain greater insight into how we can mindfully and gently release whatever stress is present in mind and body. By opening up to whatever is present – whether pleasant or unpleasant – we stop resisting our experience and naturally move towards a greater sense of ease.

What is Stress?

Stress is what arises in the mind and body when something in our environment sparks fear, regardless of whether the threat is real or perceived. While stress does have a biological purpose that helps us to flee from imminent danger, many of us in this modern age struggle with chronic, persistent stress that does not protect us from anything that can truly harm is. The idea of relaxation when we are in this chronic state of stress feels unreachable despite it being deeply yearned for.

Breathing Exercises for Relaxation

When we are under stress, we can help ourselves to ease into a greater sense of relaxation and freedom by tuning into the present moment through breath awareness or breath-centered meditation. There are quite a few simple though powerful mindful breathing exercises that can help us to move back to the present moment when stress is getting the best of us.

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