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Sleep Meditation - Spacious Awareness

Sleep Meditation - Spacious Awareness. To do this practice we’ll simply be opening up the awareness to all of our senses. Just noticing anything that arises.

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So, allowing yourself to find a nice comfortable position in your bed.
Doing any final adjustments to release tension.
Anything you need to do to let go of the worries of the day.
Dropping your anxieties.

Letting the belly be soft and perhaps taking a few deep breaths just at your own pace.
So, filling the lungs and then relaxing the body.
And seeing if you can come to a place of stillness in the body.

And for this practice today we’ll be doing an open awareness practice.
This is sometimes called, Big Sky Meditation, or Spacious Awareness.
And to do this practice we’ll simply be opening up the awareness to all of our senses.
Just noticing anything that arises in your experience.

We can still use the breath as the anchor point but just holding the breath very loosely.
Allowing your awareness to visit whatever arises.
Whether it’s a sound or a sensation in the body or a feeling or a thought.

So, in this style of practice, there’s no such thing as a distraction.
Everything you become aware of can be your object of meditation.
But we can start by grounding in the breath.
So, connecting with your anchor spot.

Sleep Meditation - Spacious Awareness

Either at the belly or the chest or the feeling at the entrance of the nostrils.
And tuning into that subtle sensation of breathing.

Noticing when you get lost in thought and for now just coming back to the breath.
Starting to sharpen that quality of focused awareness and concentration.
Feeling the in breath and feeling the out breath.

And now starting to open up your awareness into the spacious awareness.
So, noticing whatever arises.
Noticing sounds.
Seeing if you can tune into the raw quality of the sound.
Just the texture.

Or perhaps opening up to any other body sensations.
Noticing where your body comes in contact with the mattress beneath you.
Or becoming aware of any pain or discomfort in the body.

Also noticing any thoughts or feelings or emotions.
For all of these experiences, see if you can rest in that open awareness.
Understanding that your awareness is like the vast blue sky and all of these experiences or
sensations are just like clouds floating through the sky.
But no matter how cloudy it gets; the blue sky is always there.

Whatever arises in your experience, let it come.
Noticing it but not grasping onto it and not pushing it away.
Letting it float through the space of your awareness.
As if your awareness for the vast blue sky.
Nothing to hold on to.
And nothing to push away.
Letting all experiences come and go.


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