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March 20, 2017

Tara Brach leads a guided meditation Having a Sky like Mind. Sounds disappear and appear in the open space of awareness. Sense the mind is open as the sky.

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When left unchecked, the mind tends to become feverishly overrun by thought, or by ‘inner noise’. In Western culture as a whole, it’s not customary that we are naturally able to quiet the mind when this happens; however, by opening our attention to guided meditations like Tara Brach’s ‘Having a Sky-Like Mind’ or by simply practicing tuning into the real noise around us – into the sounds of our direct environment – easing a racing mind becomes much easier.

Having a Sky-Like Mind  

In this guided meditation, Tara Brach guides us to open our awareness to the sounds that surround us, and then invites us to envision the mind opening up completely – boundary-free – much like the sky. Incorporating the sounds of chimes and gongs, listeners are invited to tune into the way that all sounds appear and disappear just like clouds in the sky. By paying attention in this way, we notice how everything – thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations included – come and go through the open space of awareness.

Reconnecting to the Heart

When the mind is open as the sky, we naturally open up from the heart space as well. Judgment, fear, anxiety, and stress lessen as we open ourselves compassionately to ourselves and to the world around us. With ease, we find ourselves feeling calm and in connection to the open space around and within us. In other words, having a sky-like mind expands beyond our intellect to positively impact our entire state of being.

Download this Audio Meditation for Free, Just Enter Your First Name and Email Address:

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