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August 24, 2016

Jack Kornfield talks about the topic of Redemption. In the practice of loving awareness and compassion, redemption is bestowed by the power of moral conduct.

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In this mindfulness talk on redemption, Jack Kornfield explores what redemption really means and how understanding it on a deeper level has great implications in our modern lives. He talks about love, fear, forgiveness, justice, nobility, and much more in this talk on what it means to redeem ourselves and others. What is the dream of redemption?

The Invitation to Dignity and Nobility

Kornfield explains that the greatest invitation into morality – or into redemption – is not when it is bestowed upon us as a ‘grim duty’. When we sit in loving awareness and tune into what is already within us, we are invited into our innate dignity and nobility.

This is what arises from our loving, compassionate heart center. This talk explores how when we approach life (both inside and out) from this loving awareness, redemption is granted by our innate capacity and yearning for morality.

Meditation on Redemption

In meditation, we are invited to break our habitual tendency to berate ourselves or others for not being ‘good’ enough. Kornfield explains how meditation in essence ‘breaks the spell’ that we tend to become caught up in.

As we break free of our incessant judgment of right and wrong, we come to a more harmonious and peaceful state of being from which morality blossoms effortlessly. There are hundreds of mindfulness exercises that can assist with our ability to soften the mind and enter into this loving heart center that exists within all of us.

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