The Mystery of Uncertainty

August 9, 2016 Sean Fargo min read

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Jack Kornfield talks about The Mysteries of Uncertainty. One must always approach with a beginner’s mind to gain the grace of not knowing.

Embracing the uncertainty of life is one of our greatest challenges. When we have attachments to things and people and ideas of how we wish for things to go, it can be challenging to remember the truth that nothing in life is permanent and nothing in life is certain.

In this guided mindfulness talk, Jack Kornfield explores the mystery of uncertainty and how we can find our Buddha nature within this uncertainty.

Bringing Mindful Presence to Uncertainty

Regardless of what occurs in our lives, can we bring a sense of loving kindness or mindful presence to the comings and goings of life? To all of the impermanence, the emotions, and the uncertainty?


Mindfulness exercises help us to sit with whatever is here, to let each moment be as it is – even in fear, even in grief, and even in confusion. Rather than struggling to change life’s mystery, we are called to sit with the raw nature of our existence.

Sitting With What Is Here

In any moment, we can practice embracing what is here by sitting with it compassionately. If emotions are present and strong, can we tune into what this feels like in the physical body? Can we trust that despite the heaviness of this experience, that we are whole and held in this very moment?

It can be very challenging to do this type of work when emotions are strong, so if you are new to mindfulness practices, starting with beginner’s basics will help you to gain the fundamental skills required to move deeper.

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