Guided Meditation

This Guided Meditation by Jack Kornfield is for the Monday Night seating group. He introduces Spirit Rock's programs like loving kindness & family programs.

Guided Meditation by Jack Kornfield

Good evening and welcome to this Monday night sitting group. It’s a pleasure to welcome you here if we’ve not met before. My name is Jack Kornfield and this sitting group is now in its 31st year. It’s easy for me to keep track of because it started just before my daughter was born. If you’ve not come to Spirit Rock before, particularly like to welcome you. Spirit Rock and the teachings of the Dharma which is a Sanskrit word that means the truth or the path or the way of awakening that’s universal for every being. The gates to the Dharma, the doors to inner well-being and liberation, invite everyone, every race and class and creed and ability, and sexual orientation. Basically, it says all beings are welcome, so you count in that and it’s a pleasure to invite you here.

And Spirit Rock has grown in this beautiful valley here over the past quarter of a century or so through a whole community of people who are committed to the twin principles of compassion and wakefulness or inner freedom of heart. We have all kinds of programs and classes and retreats and so forth to foster and support people in their inner life and in their expression of this out into the world. So, we also have parenting as a spiritual practice and informed citizenship as a spiritual practice and retreats and classes for healthcare workers and teachers and people in all kinds of professions and artists and so forth. Monday night serves in some way as an introduction to Spirit Rock and that way I love to welcome people who are new. How many are here for the first time, just to know? Great. Thank you for coming. How many are new to meditation for the first time? Virgins in Merin. It’s possible. Wow. I love it. Thank you. Thank you for coming. You’ll see what happens.

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