We are often caught up in a stormy sea of stress & anxiety. This mindfulness exercise will help you be the pebble that sinks beneath the chaotic waves.

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Achieving Peace in Your Daily Life

Have you ever felt like you’re being tossed about on life’s waves? This may seem like an exaggerated metaphor at first, but for many of us that’s far from the case. Between a stressful job, a long commute, a difficult relationship, or any number of other circumstances that contribute to our stress level, it’s easy to feel like you’re drowning in a veritable sea of anxiety.

Many of us feel lost at times. No matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to get a firm grip on our circumstances, and are struggling to tread water. In this mindfulness exercise, you’ll be asked to shift your point of view as a means of escaping stress and anxiety. Don’t worry: you’ll be guided along the way.

Becoming the pebble

Rather than staying caught up in the stress and strife of a particular situation, tossed about in the waves of despair, you can practice being a pebble. What do we mean by this? It’s a simple image: rather than struggling at the surface of the water, flailing about as you try to tread through the waves, gasping for breath, you can let everything go. You can sink below the waterline like a pebble, coming to rest far below the stormy waves being roiled about on the water’s surface.

Settling into tranquility

In order to do this, you’ll select a word to use in stressful circumstances. This word will be transformative: it will help you become the pebble, sinking into the deep, calm waters of life, avoiding the chaos raging around you. You’ll be given instructions on how to choose the right word for you. When stress and anxiety present themselves, you’ll use this word to center your mind.

With your word in hand, you’ll sit in quiet meditation and reflect on the word itself. This reflection will allow your stress to gradually unravel.

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