Jack Kornfield leads a guided meditation with sound. He uses bells in this meditation to appreciate appearing and disappearing.

Sound might be one of our most underappreciated senses, and yet sound has an incredible impact on the human spirit – as does silence. This guided meditation with sound led by Jack Kornfield is an invitation into the peace and flow we find when we open ourselves up to the power of even the subtlest sounds. Kornfield uses bells throughout this meditation, guiding us to pay closer attention to the appearance and disappearance of each ring.

Embracing Flow

One of the great benefits of sound awareness is that as we listen, we come to realize the transient nature of sound. As we settle into the natural rhythm of sound, its comings and its goings, we naturally come into greater resonance with life’s flow. We might then inquire: where can I embrace flow in other realms of life? Can I embrace the flow of emotions? The flow of all things I hold onto? As we learn to embrace flow, we find ourselves relaxing more deeply into the present moment. Peace and contentment rise to the surface.

Simple Sound Meditation

We can practice mindfulness of sound at any point in the day when we are able to sit quietly with the natural environment for some time. Even if for only a few minutes, we can ground ourselves through the breath first and then expand our awareness to embrace the comings and goings of all subtle and loud sounds in the environment around us. In this way, sound is used as a tool to guide us deeply into present moment awareness. The mind quiets and a sense of relaxation washes over us.

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