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A Compassion Meditation to Ease Anxiety

Compassion Meditation to Ease Anxiety. Opening our hearts by practicing self-compassion and compassion for others can help us accept and give space to our anxiety. Sometimes, focused and kind attention is all we need to feel more peaceful and at ease. To ease your anxiety by opening your heart, try the following mindfulness exercise:

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Here’s A Sample Of The “A Compassion Meditation to Ease Anxiety” Guided Meditation Script:

Sit tall, but relaxed, in a quiet and safe place
Breathe patiently and evenly in and out through your nose

Count out three, slow and perfect breaths
One long, full breath in,
And one long, full breath out

Again with a full, slow breath in,
And a full, slow breath out

One more time, breathe in
And then empty with breath out

And now let your breathing relax,
But find a nice balance between letting go of controlled breath all together,
And still aware of, and extending the length of the exhale breath a tiny bit

Take note of how you’re feeling right now in your body, heart and mind
Ask yourself, what’s present in the body?

Maybe you notice physical sensation, discomfort, ease, what’s here?
And then from an overall sense of the body, check in with the heart space

A Compassion Meditation to Ease Anxiety

Are there any emotions present?
And then what about what’s going on in the mind?

Are there any stories present, positive or negative, that you may relate
To this felt sensation, or to these emotions

Notice what’s here without self-criticism, without self judgment
In fact, notice what’s here with an open heart, a loving kindness, a sense of compassion

To help us tap into that sense of compassion,
We’ll repeat to ourselves a few phrases

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