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March 20, 2020

Gil Fronsdal leads a Guided Meditation Dharmette Doing Nothing. A big part of learning mindfulness meditation is learning to do nothing. For some people doing nothing is kinda hard. If you want to do something, then work on undoing all the doings that you did. Undo.

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There's so many agendas we have, things we try to avoid, things we're trying to plan or fix. And we bring these tendencies to meditation, and it's the undoing of those forces that takes us away from ourselves, disconnect ourselves from ourselves.

And so, one of the great undoing in meditation is to let go of the thought. Let go of your thinking. Chances are thinking is not that useful, more often than not. Thinking is a vehicle for a lot of the doings, a lot of the wantings, a lot of the avoidances, a lot of the negative self-regard, a lot of the preoccupations that we have. 

And so to undo the thinking. Just do, just be. It's actually a very powerful event to sit and meditate and not try to accomplish something when you meditate is often, part of the reason that its so powerful is because its so different that how many people live their lives. It kind of like pulls the rug from underneath. All the kind of living a life to accomplish to do and to be and prove oneself and to have more friends, all the stuff we're trying to accomplish.

Download this Audio Meditation for Free, Just Enter Your First Name and Email Address:

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