Be Yourself Affirmations

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Be yourself by reciting these 25 affirmations, which include respecting yourself, your body, mind, and spirit, and taking time to nurture your potential.

Be Yourself! Affirmations for today. Respect who you are and where you’re at.. right at this present moment.

Affirmations for Respecting Oneself

1. Today, I respect myself, my body, mind, and spirit.
2. Today, I take time and space to nurture my potential.
3. Today, I honor my physical body.
4. Today, I give myself permission to get enough sleep, even if the people around me see it as lazy or unnecessarily luxurious.
5. Today, I find joy in healthful foods and plenty of water.
6. Today, I wear what feels right to me.
7. Today, I appreciate my body and all the things it can and does, do for me.
8. Today, I say only kind things to myself.
9. Today, I take stock of all the things in my life which no longer fit.
10. Today, I release these old, tired things and behaviors.
11. Today, I embrace the possibilities for growth that are all around me.
12. Today, I ask the universe to challenge me, nurturing me into a more dynamic, wise individual.
13. Today, I remind myself that life is not always easy, and that is ok.
14. Today, I give myself permission to learn a lesson that I might not want to.
15. Today, I give myself permission to explore something I feel hesitant about.
16. Today, it is ok to fail.
17. Today, it is ok to try again.
18. Today, I stop thinking about who I should be and start appreciating who I am.
19. Today, I reexamine where I am going, and change my course if I need to.
20. Today, I trust my gut instinct.
21. Today, I shift my mindset.
22. Today, I do one thing to show myself that I care, truly and deeply, about my well-being.
23. Today, I treat my entire self with love and compassion.
24. Today, I am fully me.
25. Today is magnificent.

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