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In this exercise Dissolving Barriers to Integrity, you’ll be instructed to ask yourself a number of questions about integrity. Some may seem open-ended.

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Integrity Mindfulness Exercise

When we opt to start down the path to a more mindful life, we might have any number of goals in mind. Perhaps we want to be more present in our relationships, whether with our significant other, family, friends, or children. Maybe we’re dissatisfied with our job, and we’re looking for a way to derive more satisfaction from our day to day at work. Or, we might be experiencing stress, anxiety, or even depression, and searching for a means of coping with these emotions.

Living with integrity

For many people, one goal of mindfulness practice is living with greater integrity. This can mean different things to different people depending on their individual life, background, or experience. However, it’s safe to say that many of us associate living mindfully with living conscientiously. Plenty of mindfulness e-books have been written on subjects related to integrity and the way that we carry ourselves in the world. However, this mindfulness exercise will give you a direct approach to living with greater integrity.

Dissolving barriers to integrity

In this exercise, you’ll be instructed to ask yourself a number of questions about integrity. Some of these questions may seem open-ended, or even somewhat vague or unclear. Don’t worry: there’s no wrong answer. The purpose of the exercise is to help you better understand yourself, your own motivations, and any barriers that you might be erected on your path towards living with greater integrity.

All too often, we engage in self-limiting behaviors without even realizing it. We blame ourselves, judge ourselves, and work too hard to please others. Or, we worry about our actions, their impact on the world, and whether or not we’re making the right decision. This exercise will help you come to understand how you might be hampering your own ability to live with integrity and assist you in removing some of those barriers.

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