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1 Minute Meditation

1 Minute Meditation

Fitting meditation into your day doesn’t have to be a challenge. Try this free 1-minute mindfulness meditation by Tara Brach, Read More
Good Fortune, Bad Fortune

Good Fortune, Bad Fortune

Phillip Moffitt tells a story about fortune: good or bad and leads us to a liberating paradox of mindfulness. How Read More
Lessons from Nature

Nature: Heavy Rain

Nature Sounds: Heavy Rain. Climbing to a mountain temple, you are greeted by heavy rain. You continue walking over the Read More
Nature of Awareness

Mindfulness of Breathing

Mindfulness of breathing is fundamental in Buddhist meditation. This is the 1st thing on mindfulness of the body; to be Read More
Mindfulness for holiday stress

The Dharma of True Friendship

Kate Munding shares a story about how the Buddha advised on friendship; also shared her own story about the friendships Read More
Being Present for Whatever Arises

Being Present for Whatever Arises

Phillip Moffitt leads a meditation to be present for whatever arises or is occurring. To live in the current moment Read More
Lesson from Nature

Nature: Dusk at the Oasis

The orange sky reflects the setting sun. You find yourself peacefully listening at Nature: Dusk at the Oasis. Soothing winds Read More
Lessons from Nature

Nature: Tropical Beach at Sunset

Nature Sounds: Tropical Beach Sunset. You calmly watch the sunset as the waves started to recede. The inland wind carries Read More
Gil Fronsdal

Attention Focused Narrow

Gil Fronsdal leads a Guided Meditation Attention Focused Narrow. There's a saying, in doing mindfulness practice, we look at reality Read More
Hardwiring happiness

Hardwiring Happiness

As people internalize experiences of gratitude, they gradually become less greedy, less driven to prove themselves. Learn to hardwire your Read More
mindfulness exercises guided meditation on emotions

Guided Meditation On Emotions

Jack Kornfield leads a guided meditation on emotions. Allow yourself to rest into the space of loving-awareness to acknowledge your Read More
Meditation On Emptiness

Meditation On Emptiness

Gil Fronsdal leads a guided meditation on Emptiness. To experience calmness and stillness, and letting go of everything what you Read More
Working with Addiction

Working with Addiction

Tara Brach talks about Working with Addiction. She started with the story of the Hungry Ghosts. Attachments and addictions are Read More
mindfulness exercises guided meditation 14

Peaceful Meditation

Jack Kornfield leads Peaceful Meditation to those mostly beginning in the practice of meditation. He teaches to feel the breath Read More
Evening affirmations of gratitude

Evening Affirmations of Gratitude

Affirmations offer inspiration and support. "I am grateful for the gifts I receive from others" is an example of the Read More
Dharmette by Gil Fronsdal

What’s Not Wrong

Gil Fronsdal leads a Guided Meditation Dharmette: What's Not Wrong. Some people are oriented to noticing what's wrong, searching for Read More
Dharmette by Gil Fronsdal

Dharmette: Practicing with Imagination

Gil Fronsdal leads a Guided Meditation Dharmette: Practicing with Imagination. Yes can be called an attitude to being present and Read More
metta post obama

Metta in the Post Obama Era

Matthew Brensilver leads a guided meditation about Metta in the Post Obama Era. "Aspire to be safe for others." centering Read More
Entering into difficulty

Entering Into Difficulty

Gil Fronsdal talks about Entering Into Difficulty. One of the important areas of life is what we know and what Read More
Dharmette by Gil Fronsdal

On Knowing Noting and Calm

Gil Fronsdal leads a Guided Meditation Dharmette: Knowing Noting and Calm. Thich Nat Hanh said if challenging sea conditions if Read More
Mindfulness exercise

Being For Yourself

Rick Hanson talks about Being For Yourself. To learn how to do this, we apply the wisdom from Buddhism and Read More
Mindfulness exercise

Who Are You, Wanderer?

Jack Kornfield explains that our life is just but a moment of our journey. Who are we? We just wander Read More
Clarity of the mind

Emptying the Mind

Gil Fronsdal leads a guided meditation on Emptying the Mind. He explains the power of here. Here is the present. Read More
Mind Appreciation – Meditation

Mind Appreciation – Meditation

To focus the mind, allow the body to become as relaxed as possible for the sake of delving deeply into Read More
Embracing Each Moment

Embracing Each Moment – Talk

Anam Thubten talks about how embracing each moment 'as it is' leads to concentration and worry-free living vis a vis Read More
Poetry of Realization

Poetry of Realization

Mark Coleman talks about his long love of poetry and deep interest in awakening in Poetry of Realization. Explore awakening Read More
Mindfulness for holiday stress

The Role of Motivation and Intention

"Everything rests on the tip of one's motivation." Kate Munding urges us to think if we truly live our lives Read More
Flowering of Compassion

Evolutionary Wisdom

Wes Nisker talks about Evolutionary Wisdom. Where am I going? Where did I come from? Who am I? Wes says Read More
impermanence as uncertainty

Equanimity: Finding Balance In Difficult Times

James Baraz talks about pain and suffering in the world. We have the power to alleviate pain. Find balance in Read More
Dharmette by Gil Fronsdal

Experiencing Windless Days

Gil Fronsdal leads a Guided Meditation Dharmette: Windless Days. Walking in a windy day it's almost second nature to be Read More
Mindfulness exercise, Judging Mind, no self no problem

Working With The Judging Mind

James Baraz talks about working with the judging mind on meditation practice. Sometimes the best ones who can perform deep Read More
Ending the day with gratitude

Ending the Day with Gratitude

Be mindful of the events that happen in your life? To keep the important experiences which make you happy well Read More
loving kindness meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation

This meditation is the loving-kindness meditation by Kristin Neff. It's meant to generate feelings of goodwill and kindness both for Read More
Relieving stress

Spirituality and Politics

Jack Kornfield leads a guided meditation about Spirituality and Politics. It's a lengthy broadcast starting with a beautiful song you Read More
Relieving stress

Relieving Stress

Sean Fargo leads a meditation to relieve stress. Instructing the body and mind to mindfulness, relaxing and feeling without judgment. Read More


One of the important qualities of Mindfulness Practice that supports us tremendously is that of Patience. Gil Fronsdal talks about Read More
Gil Fronsdal

Drink Your Joy

Gil Fronsdal leads a Guided Meditation Drink Your Joy. In meditation, there are positive states that can come along, sense Read More
Mindfulness as strength

Mindfulness as Strength

Gil Fronsdal talks about Mindfulness as Strength. Being careful and paying attention to what's happening in the present. Otherwise, there's Read More
MoMy Life As A Monk

My Life As A Monk

Ajahn shares about his life as a monk. His first contact with meditation in the Buddhist practice, and how that Read More
Hardwiring Happiness: Meditation

Hardwiring Happiness: Meditation

As we struggle to find happiness, we discover the importance of peace, love, and contentment. Let us hardwire our happiness Read More
Mindfulness of walking

Mindful Walking

Sharon Salzberg leads a guided meditation- Mindful Walking. Before you begin a meditation, find a long room or a quiet Read More
Mindfulness for holiday stress, generosity, surrendering to life

Surrendering to Life

Many people try to find the answer to the suffering of human life. In parallel, the entire Buddha's teaching deals Read More
Lesson from Nature

Menstrual Cramp Relief (Binaural Beat)

Binaural Beat for Menstrual Cramp Relief. Binaural beats are auditory illusion perceived by the brain when two different tones are Read More
Undoing Mental Knots

Undoing Mental Knots

Anam Thubten explains that we all have the desire to be free from a troubled existence. And undoing of mental Read More
Equanimity A Guided Meditation

Equanimity: A Guided Meditation

Equanimity is that quality of mind of impartiality. Joseph Goldstein leads a guided meditation about equanimity, which is mental calmness Read More
mindfulness meditations online

Teachers And Cults

Jack Kornfield talks about teachers and cults. He expounds the importance of independence or spirituality and truth; in order not Read More
Gil Fronsdal Guided Anapanasati Meditations

Guided Anapanasati: Exploring the Breath

Gil Fronsdal leads an Anapanasati Exploring the Breath. What is your relationship with your breathing? Very broadly, is it a Read More
Mystery of aliveness

Meditation: Mystery of Aliveness

Tara Brach leads a guided meditation on The Mystery of Aliveness. Sense the body, space, and everything that's happening. Become Read More
Beautiful Water Sounds

Beautiful Water Sounds

Peaceful and soothing water sounds can help to relax and quiet the mind during meditation. Enjoy this free recording of Read More
Nature of Awareness

What Are We Doing Here?

Ajahn shares wisdom about how the Buddhist teachings of enlightenment have a purpose in the world. Much about our own Read More

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