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January 9, 2020
Recognizing your resilience to difficulty. You are capable of handling more than you give yourself credit for. Difficult emotions always pass.
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Here’s a Sample of the “Recognizing Your Resilience To Difficulty” Guided Meditation Script:

You are capable of handling more than you give yourself credit for.

Difficult emotions may sometimes get the better of you, but they always pass, and you always make it through them.

By bringing mindfulness to the process of going through hard times, you can train yourself to recognize your own resilience.

Seeing clearly that you are capable of handling the difficulty, you will train the mind to know you are okay.

Close the eyes and adjust your posture so that you are comfortable.

Ground yourself in the body, feeling the feet on the floor, the body in the chair or cushion, and the movement with the breath.

Bring to mind a difficult emotion you have experienced recently.

recognizing your resilience, Recognizing Your Resilience To Difficulty

Do not indulge in the story.

Instead, focus on the feeling.

You can do this by tuning in first to the body.

What does the body feel like when this emotion is present?

Feeling the emotion in the body, investigate your capacity to be with it.

What feels overwhelming or unmanageable?

Ask yourself if you are able to handle the feeling in this single moment.

Continue to tend to the bodily experience, examining whether you’re able to be present with it or not.

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