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January 20, 2024

There is an infinite source of wisdom and clarity within us. Yet all too often, we feel disconnected from our inner wisdom. One way to reconnect with the insight and clarity within us is by establishing a relationship with our higher self. A higher self meditation can facilitate this process.

This meditation to connect with higher self is a script for awakening your spirit. It can help the listener to discover the answers they seek within themselves. It can also help to strengthen intuition, knowledge, and clarity about your soul’s purpose.

Continue reading to discover how you can use this script for your own growth and insight or to support others on their journey.

  • Practice Time: 20 minutes +
  • Purpose: Awakening, Intuition, Insight
  • May Help With: Purpose, Clarity, Wisdom
  • Practice Level: Advanced
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Here’s a Sample of the “A Higher Self Meditation Script” Guided Meditation Script:

Hello, and welcome.

Please allow me to guide you during this meditation to experience a multi-dimensional journey.

Please make sure that you are completely comfortable and that you will not be disturbed for the duration of this session.

This allows for maximum relaxation and connection to your higher self.

To get into a meditative state that allows you to open chakras, explore astral projection, meet your quantum self, and have a spiritual experience, you must simply relax.

To relax, we breathe deeply, and activate our senses.
So let’s breathe 3 big breaths together now, each breath taking you closer to creative intelligence.

1….. inhaling as fully as you can, expanding your lungs and belly…..holding it for a moment
And exhale.

2….. inhale, feeling relaxing sensations encompassing your body….hold it.
And exhale.

3….. inhaling as mush as you can, feeling great power through oxygenation….hold it to soak it in.
And exhale.

higher self meditation, A Higher Self Meditation Script

So just relax, allowing your eyes to gently close, taking your sense of vision away. And begin to focus on all the sounds around you.

Perhaps you can only hear this recording and music in headphones, or perhaps there are sounds you can also hear in your surroundings…..


Now stop listening to the sounds and begin to focus on the sensations in your body.

What are your fingertips touching?

Notice how the palms of your hands feel.

What are your feet touching?

Notice how the soles of your feet feel.

Become aware of your head and notice how your scalp feels.

Can you sense how extremely powerful your brain is?

How about your mind…. can you become aware of your mind?...

How big is your mind?

How to Use the Higher Self Meditation Script

This higher self guided meditation script takes the listener on a journey of soul discovery. You can use it for your own growth or to support others with theirs. If you want to gain the benefits of this script for yourself, the best way to use it is to record yourself reading it. Then, sit or lean back as you follow your own guidance. 

If you want to use this script to guide others, you might:

  • Lead a group retreat designed to enhance clarity, wisdom, and connection to soul purpose
  • Work one-to-one with clients who wish to connect with their higher self
  • Facilitate a workshop that explores ‘the higher self’, using this meditation as a core practice

Note that this longer meditation script is best suited for advanced practitioners and for people familiar with the language and concepts it contains.


An infinite well of inner wisdom is within each one of us. All we need is a tool - or practice - to lead us to that well. Allow this higher self meditation script to be your guide - whether you’re self-guiding or leading others. May it lead you to a place of wholeness, insight, and clarity, awakening your full potential on this human journey.

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Sean Fargo is the Founder of Mindfulness Exercises, a former Buddhist monk of 2 years, a trainer for the mindfulness program born at Google, an Integral Coach from New Ventures West, and an international mindfulness teacher trainer. He can be reached at [email protected]