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August 31, 2020
Sleep Meditation- Thoughts like clouds. There’s a useful metaphor that we can use. That thoughts are just like clouds floating in the sky.
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Here’s a Sample of the “Sleep Meditation – Thoughts Like Clouds” Guided Meditation Script:

So, welcome back to another guided sleep meditation.
So, allowing yourself to find a comfortable posture in your bed.
Taking a few moments to get settled in your body and in your mind.
Allowing your body to fully relax.

We can start by extending and lengthening the breath.
So, taking a deep breath in and a slow deep breath out.
One more time.
Deep breath in and a long breath out.

And from there just letting your breath return to its natural rhythm.
There’s no need to control the breath.

So, letting the body breath itself. Letting go of control.

And firing up the quality of mindfulness and awareness.
And focusing it on the breath.

Sleep Meditation - Thoughts Like Clouds, Sleep Meditation – Thoughts Like Clouds

Just becoming aware of your body and all the movements in the body, the physical sensations associated with breathing.

And for today’s practice we’ll be focused on noticing thoughts, becoming aware of thoughts.
And so, there’s a useful metaphor that we can use.
That thoughts are just like clouds floating in the sky.

There’s no need to push them away or fight them.
And just to notice them as they pass through.
Just like clouds in the sky.

So, we can start by following the breath.
Feeling the in breath and the out breath.
Watching the movement of the breath.

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