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Sleep Meditation - Labelling

Sleep Meditation - Labelling. Today, we’ll be using our awareness to just notice whatever’s arising in our experience as we fall asleep.

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So, welcome to another guided sleep meditation.
Taking a few moments to settle in, to get comfortable.
Doing whatever you need to do to prepare yourself for this night of rest.

And for the practice today, we’ll be working on the technique of labelling or noting in this meditation.
So, we’ll be using our awareness to just notice whatever’s arising in our experience as we fall asleep.

So, whether you’re laying on your back or on your side.
Perhaps closing your eyes.
We can start with a deep breath in and a long slow deep breath out.
One more, inhaling and exhaling.

Allowing yourself to fully relax.
Noticing your surroundings.
Noticing the temperature in the room.
The feeling of the air.
Allowing your body to settle.

Sleep Meditation - Labelling

If you find it helpful you can do a quick body scan.
Just noticing if there’s any tension, any areas you can soften around.
Maybe relaxing the face and the shoulders.

What would it be like to let go completely?
Letting the breath be natural.
No need to control the breath in any way.

And starting by bringing your awareness onto the feeling of the breath.
Mindful breathing.

Breathing naturally and just noticing, how does it feel to breath.
And as you breathe in and as you breathe out you can use the labelling technique.

So, giving your breath a quiet label in your mind.
So, as you breathe in, you might quietly say, “breathing in”.
And as you breathe out, just quietly in your mind say, “breathing out”.
“Breathing in”.
“Breathing out”.
“Breathing in”.
“Breathing out”.

And just continue at your own pace.
Letting the words be very soft in the background.
Keeping most of your awareness on the feeling in the body.

And for this practice today we can use this labelling to simply be aware of whatever arises during the meditation.
So, if you notice yourself getting lost in thought you can just give it a label and note, “thinking” “thinking”.
And then gently returning to the breath.
Breathing in.
Breathing out.

Whatever you become aware of, give it a simple label.
So, if you hear a sound, you might label it, “hearing” “hearing”.
And then come back to the breath.

If you become aware of some pain or discomfort in the body you can label it “pain” “pain” or “discomfort”.
And feel it when you label it.
Just notice where it is, what it feels like.

And then bringing your attention once again back to the breath.
Breathing in and feeling the in breath.
Breathing out, feeling the out breath.

If you notice that you’re having a particular type of recurring thought, you can label what kind of thought it is.
So, you might label, “worry” “worry” or “planning” “planning”.

Just noticing what kind of thought you’re having, noting it, and then letting it drift away, reorienting your attention back to your breathing.

It can also be helpful to take a moment to notice what kind of emotional state you’re in.
What’s the attitude of the mind.
So, you might notice, “sleepy” or “calm”.
You might notice “restless” or “agitated”.

Using the labeling technique to just note what kind of attitude or flavor is in the mind in this moment.
Nothing to do with it.
Just label.
Acknowledge your experience and gently come back to the breath again.

Each time, coming home, gently peacefully, without rushing.
Allowing your breath to guide you into a state of restfulness.

Perhaps bringing your attention down into your abdomen.
Rising, falling.
Rising, falling.
Letting the rhythm of the breath guide you into sleep.


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